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We give them tools to bring their projects to life, they give us the motivation to keep innovating every day.

Create. Edit. Organize.

All it takes is a few minutes! Create your courses with Didacte’s flexible and easy-to-use tools. Integrate everything you need to make your lesson complete, whether it’s videos, images, PDF files, or even quizzes. From online courses to in-class training registrations, we’ve got you covered.

Sharing Goes a Long Way.

Choose the way you share your courses. Not only does Didacte allow you to publish your content online via your personalized platform, but you can also manage on-site registrations and payments too. Select the number of places available and take payments, right from your personal platform.

Example of two classroom courses with upcoming date for each one.

Stress-free Transactions.

We offer peace of mind. All Didacte transactions are entirely secure. Easily offer deals or make reimbursements, without causing those unnecessary headaches. You can sleep at night knowing that your earnings will be deposited into your account, quickly.

Secure payment with credit card

Information at your Fingertips.

Get the lowdown on your account activity; anytime, anywhere. With our real-time dashboard, you can stay up to date on sales, registrations, and even learner progression. With the latest updates, you can easily adjust your courses thanks to Didacte’s detailed reports.

Dashboard with evolution graph and key statistics.
Example of a Didacte platform with a custom header image and custom colors.
A certificate of completion issued to the user
A tool to create quizzes with several types of questions (choice of answer, open answer, etc.).
A support chat integrated into Didacte when you have questions for us.
Didacte automatically adapts to phones screen size.

Good Looking

Personalize your platform’s appearance, integrate your logo, and make the experience stylishly transparent. Branded to perfection, in no time.


Highlight achievements and show your members you care! Easily send automated certificates to your students and make them accessible within each user’s profile. With Didacte you can also send professional certificates, too!

Quiz Create Quizzes

Create quizzes to keep tabs on the struggles and strengths of each learner and define the passing grade. You can even opt for manual or automatic quiz corrections. It’s entirely up to you!

Real Help, From Real People

Our experts are (real) human beings located in our headquarters. Ask away, and they’ll answer your questions quickly so that you can get back to what it is you’re good at; whether it’s teaching complex financial concepts, wicked guitar solos, baking or even, candlestick making.

Here. There. Everywhere - Always!

Didacte always has you covered. Our platform adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions, everywhere you go. It’s the least we could do!

Safe and Sound

Your content is your intellectual property. Keep it safe and manage it your way. Easily control course accessibilities from your platform to make sure that your knowledge is shared with the right people. No need to worry, your content always stays safe on our servers.

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La Ronde - Six Flags

Didacte Enterprise | Entertainment and leisure
"The experience was very positive and we feel that we have not yet harnessed the full potential of the platform.

Not only has this changed our way of doing things, but I'm sure it has helped us retain our new employees since right after their hiring they were enrolled in the training.

Instead of waiting for face-to-face training that would have taken place several days or weeks later, they were already enrolled and felt like they were part of the team faster! "
Marie-Lou Faucher-Bruyère
Directrice - Ressources humaines
Marie-Lou Faucher-Bruyère

La Ronde - Six Flags

Didacte Enterprise | Entertainment and leisure
La Ronde - Six Flags offers its many employees access to continuous training, anywhere and anytime, thanks to its online platform.

It is a strategic tool in the seasonal business context of an outdoor amusement park. This allows them to facilitate the onboarding process of new recruits and to ensure compliance and quality of service, year-round.
1000+ users
40+ courses
5100+ enrollments

Insurance institute of Quebec

Didacte Enterprise | Wealth Management and Insurances
"What we were looking for was a flexible and easy-to-use tool to meet the growing demand of our customers. Didacte makes us autonomous at all levels in regard to our online courses, while being constantly available to support us with new demands. It was by talking with the team that we realized that we did not fully know of our needs. Didacte helped us define them, and plan our actions accordingly. They bring a lot of value to the Institute.. We have since developed a new market and Didacte will allow us to grow it for many years to come."
Julie Saucier
General Manager
Julie Saucier

Insurance institute of Quebec

Didacte Enterprise | Wealth Management and Insurances
The Insurance Institute supports the professional development of thousands of insurance experts every year. By adding online courses and continuous training to their traditional learning program, not only did they generate a new revenue stream but they now act as a long-term partner in the career and evolution of each of their members.

5700+ users
210+ courses
62300+ enrollments
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