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Didacte is your strategic partner to create, distribute and sell your courses on an easy-to-use system, both for you and your students.

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Looking for an LMS to train your employees?

Monitor, support and optimize the professional development of your team on a private training platform.

We give them tools to bring their projects to life, they give us the motivation to keep innovating every day.

Stop wasting time and losing your mind; automate the management of your online courses!

  • Gain time to create courses

  • Share and monetize your expertise

  • Consolidate and centralize your data

  • Diversify and expand your market

  • Reduce your costs and increase your income

Our training platforms are equipped with the best tools to ensure the success of your project.

Synchronous and asynchronous courses

Whether it’s in-person or remotely, live or pre-recorded, Didacte offers you multiple ways to optimize your students’ learning experience.

Learning management

Customize and measure your students’ progress with tools that allow you to manage your user groups and their access to your content.

Enrollment management

Control the access to your courses by adding enrollment restrictions such as a maximum number of participants, deadline, or permission required.

Certification and accreditation

Encourage your students to perform better by adding tests and providing certificates and credits after course completion.

Marketing tools

Boost your online courses sales and bring your marketing strategy to life with our Stripe integration, coupons, subscriptions plans and more.

The team behind Didacte

Didacte is more than just a techno company based in Quebec city. It is above all a group of friends, a gang of geeks who are passionate about entrepreneurship and technology.

We are always looking for news and trends in web development, the best business practices and the e-learning industry.

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Caroline Cloutier Nutritionist

Didacte Pro | Health and Well-Being
With Didacte, it's easier for me to take action to make a difference for my clients.

Tools like the satisfaction survey at the end of a course are essential for me to get the pulse of my customers.

As a perfectionist, this feedback gives me confidence that the content I share indeed helps them!
Caroline Cloutier
Caroline Cloutier
Nutritionist, trainer and speaker

Gestaltiste Integration Center

Didacte Enterprise | Professionnal Development
"It's truly out of this world.

I knew Didacte's outstanding service, but that they are also quick to help us even with an external referral, it is beyond our expectations.

This kind of personalized, efficient and fast service is exceptional in our world of virtuality and automation.

Well done and a big thank you! "
Gilles Delisle, Ph.D
Gilles Delisle, Ph.D
CIG's Founder and Director

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