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Give your human resources the best tools to do their job while increasing the professional happiness of your teams.

  • More training, fewer expenses

    Save big on room rental, external trainer fees, and salaries of employees giving and receiving training. Furthermore, Didacte Enterprise increases the lifespan of each course created!

    Try our training budget calculator to estimate the savings you could make with Didacte!
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime

    Allow your employees to be more flexible in their schedule and participate in courses at the time of their choice. Your training platform is hosted on the web, and your employees can access it at any time!

  • No more complicated spreadsheets

    Reduce the risk of losing information by using your LMS! Your employee progress data, recently graded tests, completed courses and awarded credits are all centralized on your platform.

  • Invest in business growth

    Use continuous training to enhance your employee experience, your employer brand positioning and your talent recruitment efforts. Your LMS can support the development of your organizational culture!

A flexible rate matching your needs.

25 active students
Save 200$
120 $ / per month
1200 $ / per year

Annual commitment paid in 1 single installment.

Annual commitment paid in 12 installments.

Didacte is, above all, your strategic partner.

Benefit from our team's experience to establish your action plan based on your training program goals. We will help you clarify your vision and better understand how your LMS may bring your strategy to life.

This consultation is free for Didacte Enterprise customers and will give you a head start to get closer to publishing your first online course!

Get inspired by what our clients are doing on their private training platform to improve internal procedures!

  • Automate your talents’ onboarding

    Mine Canadian Malartic digitized its onboarding process to make it easier to welcome new employees even before their first workday.

  • Manage the continuous education of your employees

    Setlakwe creates custom learning paths for employees to support their professional development and growth in the business.

  • Document and centralize your internal expertise

    La Ronde centralizes the knowledge of its team to standardize organizational knowledge and improve customer service.

  • Train the members of your association

    Gymnastics Canada fulfills its commitment to its active members by providing regular access to new online content.

  • Ensure the compliance of your teams

    Groupe Gilbert offers its employees the required courses to practice their profession in compliance with industry standards

Developing the skills of your employees is not an expense; it's an investment. Try Didacte Enterprise for free!

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