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Train your Staff.
Manage Effectively.

Invest in your employee’s knowledge and reduce the cost of training in your expansion projects.

Create. Edit. Organize.

All it takes is a few minutes! Create your courses with Didacte’s flexible and easy-to-use tools. Integrate everything you need to make your lesson complete, whether it’s videos, images, PDF files, or even quizzes. From online courses to in-class training registrations, we’ve got you covered.

Good Looking.

Personalize your platform’s appearance, integrate your logo, and make the experience stylishly transparent. Branded to perfection, in no time.


Real Help, From Real People.

Our experts are (real) human beings located in our headquarters. Ask away, and they’ll answer your questions quickly so that you can get back to what it is you’re good at; whether it’s teaching complex financial concepts, wicked guitar solos, baking or even, candlestick making.

Better Together.

Keep the best experts in arm’s reach and offer a complete catalog of expert-led courses. Under your supervision, invite external resources to share their own content on your platform.

Multilingual and Geolocated.

Respond to everybody’s needs, regardless of where they live or the language they speak. Didacte keeps the user’s location in mind as it adjusts the taxes on each bill accordingly. No need to sweat the small stuff.

Next-Level Learning.

Featured Courses

Place your most popular classes front and center! Optimize and organize your courses intuitively.


Highlight achievements and show your members you care! Easily send automated certificates to your students and make them accessible within each user’s profile. With Didacte you can also send professional certificates, too!

Effective Staff Management.

Create Quizzes

Create quizzes to keep tabs on the struggles and strengths of each learner and define the passing grade. You can even opt for manual or automatic quiz corrections. It’s entirely up to you!

Manage On-site Registrations

Didacte also allows you to take care of any on-site registrations. Manage the number of admissions, the location, and schedule of your course.


Group your students and propose a clear and concise course plan that is adapted to their needs. Stay up to date on their progression and adjust the pace to match their rhythm. We want you and your students to succeed.

Adaptable and Scalable Technology.

Here. There. Everywhere - Always!

Didacte always has you covered. Our platform adapts to all screen sizes and resolutions, everywhere you go. It’s the least we could do!

The Sky’s the Limit!

Create countless hours of video content and attach as many files as you’d like. Didacte doesn’t limit your content nor the number of users.

Technological Flexibility

Didacte bridges the communication gap between your intranet and your learning platform to offer a seamless experience to all of your members.

Ask about unique authentication keys to consolidate your various systems.

White Glove Service

Need help with your course setup? Didacte can give you a hand. Just ask.

  • Coaching and technological pedagogy
  • Writing and revision
  • Content creation (video, animations)
  • Content integration

Let us know what you need or, ask about our turnkey solutions!

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How will my team access the training content?

With our private platform, you can control course accessibility. Decide whether you want courses to be open to the public, on an invite-only basis, or make some of them entirely private. You’re in charge of your content.

Can I use my own domain name?

Custom domain setup is included in all of our paid plans. However, Didacte will provide you with a free Didacte subdomain (

We have our own members database, can Didacte use our authentication system?

Absolutely! If your employees or members already use their email and password to log into your web space, Didacte can use your authentication system so they don’t have to log in again to access their training.

We also offer in-person training, can we centralize all our courses in Didacte?

Yes. In addition to online training, you can also manage the registration of your training sessions. Choose the time, location, number of participants and more. By using Didacte, you will also be able to enhance your on-site training with online material.

My questions have not been answered 

Oops! Don’t hesitate to use our chat tool in the bottom right corner of your window or email us at and we’ll do everything we can to help you.