Digital Copyright Protection

Content and attribution are essential to us, and we are here to help defend your rights against digital copyright infringement. Didacte would not exist if it wasn’t for original content.

Make a complaint

To report a copyright infringement on Didacte, contact us at and we will take action promptly.

To make sure your request is treated in a timely manner, make sure to provide an appropriate proof that you are the copyright owner or a designated agent. Also include a list of URLs infringing your copyright.

What will we do about it?

When a complaint can be verified, the content in violation will be removed by Didacte and the owner of the shop will be warned. In case we confirm several violations for a given shop owner, we will suspend the account.


Didacte is incorporated in Canada and therefore not registered at the Copyright offices in United States for the DMCA law, but we will offer same kind of assistance to protect your rights.