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What is a learning management system?

An enterprise learning management system facilitates continuous training of employees in a corporate environment

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an application used by organizations to create, distribute, and manage digital courseware to learners. An organization may use an LMS to host internal courses, such as those provided to employees through corporate education departments, or external courses offered to customers and business partners. In addition to providing a central location for storing and distributing course materials, an LMS may provide tools for tracking participation, performance assessment, reporting, and other functions.

What is included in an enterprise LMS (corporate LMS)?

An enterprise LMS typically includes features such as employee enrollment, assessment, reporting and tracking of employee progress. Most LMS systems also include a library of pre-recorded video lectures, quizzes, tests and more.

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The benefits of working with Didacte’s Enterprise Learning Management System

More training for employees, fewer expenses for you with web-based training

Offline training of your staff and partner companies is complicated and often expensive. Working through an external professional trainer requires expenses such as:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Living accommodations;
  • Trainer salary;

And more: why not consider eLearning? Choosing a reliable online enterprise LMS allows your staff and partner companies to gain knowledge and improve their abilities whenever and wherever.

Reduce your training costs without cutting back on employee training and development

Spend less money on room rental, external trainer fees, and salaries of employees giving and receiving training without reducing the quality of your learning materials. Furthermore, Didacte's LMS solution increases the lifespan of each course created!

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eLearning software accessible anywhere, anytime by all users

Facilitate onboarding with cloud-hosted learning management system

Allow your staff a more flexible and interactive learning experience through your online training platform. Our learning management system is hosted on the web, and your employees can access it at any time, creating a great user experience!

No more complicated content management

Didacte’s enterprise LMS allows you to update your training materials from a centralized platform. In addition to offering up-to-date and relevant content, our learning management system helps eliminate redundant editing tasks and reduces the need for manual updates. It also frees up time so you can spend more time on other essential business tasks.

Keep your learner's information safe and learning materials up to date

Reduce the risk of losing information with your enterprise LMS dashboards and reports! Your employees' progress data, recently graded tests, completed courses and awarded credits are all centralized on your learning platform.

Invest in business growth

Use employee training to enhance your staff retention, employer brand positioning and talent recruitment efforts. Your learning management system can support the development of your organizational culture!

Flexible pricing that matches your business needs.

200 active users
2000 $ / per year

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Didacte is more than an eLearning platform, it's your strategic partner.

Benefit from our team's experience to establish your action plan based on your corporate training program goals. We will help you clarify your vision and better understand how our enterprise LMS solution may bring your business learning strategy to life.

Let us help you offer learning materials fast

We also offer personalized support to accelerate your LMS implementation. This offer is free for Didacte Enterprise customers and will give you a head start when it comes to publishing your first online course and learning materials!

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Get inspired by how our clients use a private learning management system to improve their corporate training programs!

  • Automate your talents’ onboarding

    Mine Canadian Malartic digitized its onboarding process to make it easier to welcome new employees even before their first workday.

  • Manage your team's learning experience

    Setlakwe creates custom learning paths for employees that support their professional development and growth in the business.

  • Document and centralize your internal expertise

    La Ronde centralizes the knowledge of its team on their LMS platform to standardize learning programs and improve customer service.

  • Train the members of your association

    Gymnastics Canada fulfills its commitment to its active learners by providing regular access to new online content.

  • Ensure the compliance of your teams

    Groupe Gilbert offers its learners compliance training programs to update their professional practices within industry standards.

The advantages of our cloud-based training solution

A digital education platform that scales with your number of employees and learners

An eLearning platform perfect for tens or thousands of employees, as well as for other members of an organization's network like customers and partners, to learn new skills.

Enterprise learning system available 24/7

Offer learners an online Learning Management System (LMS) available at any time and any location. Web-based training offers customers, partners and employees the flexibility to gain knowledge from anywhere.

Customizable LMS software for any learning paths

Didacte allows its users to customize their enterprise learning system, adapting it to different learning styles, learning path and learning programs. Corporate training programs need to be adjusted to fit different types of learners: choose a flexible, cloud-based training and development solution.

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Who should consider purchasing enterprise learning management systems?

Our customers choose to purchase an LMS to improve their employees' knowledge, skill sets and performances. The eLearning solution provided by Didacte relies on technology to help businesses offer online, comprehensive employee training.

Web-based training courses for sales teams

An additional LMS user scenario could be for sales training. Sales training could include onboarding and training for new hires, but also includes creating seminars on product knowledge, training on customer interaction, and using past client experience to create better future client relationships. Leverage Didacte's web-based training courses to improve your sales training!

Online training for large businesses

Large companies often need an extended enterprise LMS for tracking large numbers of learners. They may also be able to implement global online training and knowledge transfer initiatives. Some larger companies even offer extended enterprise features to help keep franchise owners and channel partners in the know through eLearning solutions.

LMS for small businesses

Being a small or medium sized enterprise doesn't mean you don't benefit from an LMS: small enterprises can use an LMS to utilize fewer people! Didacte's web-based training courses with your growing enterprise needs so that you can adjust them to meet your ever-growing number of learners and training needs. A long-term corporate training solution for continuous learning!

Can your business benefit from a powerful enterprise LMS?

Corporate training solutions help employees learn specific business skills tied to their organization, role, laws, compliance, or career development. Enterprise LMS are particularly beneficial to users such as:

  • Corporate trainers
  • Training departments
  • HR departments
  • Businesses requiring strong compliance training
  • Businesses requiring advanced safety training

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What are different types of LMS softwares?

There are various ways to deploy Learning Management Systems (LMS), all offering different training benefits to learners:

  • Cloud-based LMS
  • Self-hosted LMS
  • Desktop application
  • Mobile learning application

Cloud-based LMS - Turnkey LMS for businesses

Cloud-hosted Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are hosted in the cloud by a provider, and are particularly well suited for a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. A cloud-hosted eLearning solution like Didacte has multiple advantages:

  • System management, technical updates and upgrades are performed by the provider.
  • The client LMS interface can be accessed from anywhere simply by entering a username and password. Perfect to create a good user experience!

A cloud-based learning management system is the easiest and most efficient solution for small to medium businesses (SMEs) to improve their training process.

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Self hosted learning management system - Higher maintenance solution

A self-hosted Learning Management System (LMS) requires a piece of software to be installed on a local server. Although they give the owner freedom to create a more personalized learning experience, they are responsible for the maintenance, system updates and upgrades to the eLearning platform.

Desktop LMS

A desktop LMS is installed directly on the end users' computer desktops, but the app may still be accessible from multiple devices.

LMS through a mobile learning application

With mobile applications for Learning Management Systems (LMS), learners can access training anywhere and anytime via mobile devices.

With what software can Didacte’s enterprise LMS integrate?

Didacte works with industry partners to offer our Enterprise LMS clients with integration to thousands of applications. By integrating with Zapier, you will be able to connect Didacte’s enterprise learning management system with your:

  • CRM software - Make it easy for your sales teams, their clients, and their business partner to access training and development accounts through a separate tab or a new page;
  • Human Resource Information System - Automate the update of human resource information systems based on the learner’s previous experience and the addition of new training based on the change in the system;
  • Collaboration software - Organize training events and share files easily to make collaboration between trainers and learners easier.

And many more. Discover how Didacte uses Zapier to integrate your LMS!

What is an extended enterprise LMS?

An extended enterprise LMS has the ability to provide training to employees, but also customer training and partner training

The difference between a traditional enterprise LMS and an extended enterprise learning management system is who it aims at training. While the traditional solution is aimed at internal training (employees), the extended LMS offers a personalized learning experience to nonemployee individuals, such as partners and customers

Benefits of knowledge transfer on your products and services

Customer training has several advantages! People don't become experts in your products once they've registered for them. In fact, continuing making your clients feel confident in using your products can lead to major growth in your organization.

Building customer loyalty through customer training

It doesn't really matter whether your products are good or bad; if people are unable to use them easily, they won't buy them again. Training sessions educate your clients on how to make the best use of your products and services, showing them that you care about their needs. This makes them more likely to stick with you than if you weren't investing time into educating them.

Reduce your after-sale expenses with customer and partner training

By transferring knowledge to your customers, you are helping them avoid having to contact your employees for basic user issues with your products. This helps keep your backlog of requests low, which saves your team’s valuable resources while improving user experience. Using tools such as Didacte’s enterprise LMS helps save both your company time and money by reducing the number of calls your team receives.

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