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Account Management

Can I change the name of my platform?

Yes! At any time, you can change the name of your platform, its URL, and the name of the administrators. 

When creating your platform, don't be afraid if you have chosen the wrong name for your project. You can edit everything in no time under the Settings > General tab. From there, you will be able to update or modify all the general information related to your platform.

If you need assistance, you can write us at!

What is a user with an administrative role?

There are different roles in Didacte to allow collaboration while protecting confidential data. 

Users have an “administrative role” when they are more than students on your platform. The following are therefore considered as administrative roles:

  • Administrators
  • Providers 
  • Resource persons 
  • Teachers

To learn more about the different roles and their functions, visit our help center.

Please note: depending on the plan you have chosen, the number of users with an administrative role may be limited to 1 or 5, or be unlimited.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes! By subscribing to the Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan, you can use your own domain name so that Didacte no longer appears in the URL of your platform.

A procedure must be followed, with some help from our team, to activate the custom domain. 

For any content creator, the URL of a Didacte training platform is always customizable. You can also change this URL at any time if the one you configured no longer suits you. If you don’t have a custom domain, Didacte will assign one for you, rooted on our own infrastructure.

If you decide to call your platform “ressources”, your URL will appear as follows:

Is it possible to invite external collaborators?

Yes! Didacte understands that you want the support of experts or employees for your course management. It is possible for you to invite them to your platform and give them permissions on specific courses. Collaborators are exclusive to the pro and enterprise plans.

Invite an external resource to collaborate on one or more courses to get their help. This person will be able to:

  • Preview the content of the training
  • Check the list of registered users
  • See the submitted quizzes and their results

However, they will not have access to confidential and private information on your platform, such as:

  • The complete list of users
  • The sales reports 
  • The dashboard and platform settings
  • Any edit capabilities

For content co-creation, you can also assign the teacher role to some of your users. Please note: depending on the plan you have chosen, the number of users with an administrative role may be limited to 1 or 5, or be unlimited.

Can I choose the order in which my courses appear?

Yes! Whether it is for new visitors or your customers already registered, you can choose the order in which your courses appear on your platform.

On the public portion of your platform (before a user logs in), you can determine one or more featured courses. Your potential customers will, therefore, quickly have access to their titles, their price, and a short description. 

Once logged in, users will be able to view “All courses”, which will take them to your catalog. You can add categories to ease the navigation, but you can also change the display order, either alphabetically or according to an organization of your choice. 

You can even determine which ones will be displayed first to maximize their visibility!

Try the app and see how the directory works by creating a free account on our Resources platform! You will also find several courses to help you create your online training project.