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Who is the Enterprise plan for?

The Enterprise plan was designed first and foremost for businesses and organizations wishing to provide in-house training. To effectively train their employees, they need a powerful tool that allows them to easily distribute content while measuring individual progress.

Without listing the many features of these plans, here are the main advantages for a business to opt for the Enterprise plan.

Private platform: You wouldn't want information shared with your team to be available on the web. The private platform allows you to control who gets access to your courses and organizational expertise.

Enrolment and completion report: Following the 1% training law (Quebec), quickly get the lowdown on your users, their progress, and the time allocated to each course to meet the 1% requirement for in-house training.

SSO Authentication System: Don't want your employees to remember a new password? Connect your platform to your existing system to facilitate the connection of your team through Single Sign-On.

User management: At any time, check the progress of your employees for specific courses or for specific users to verify that the professional and personal development objectives are indeed being met.

Collaboration: Do you already do business with external trainers? Invite them to partner on the platform by creating or co-creating courses. They can even help you with follow-ups for your users if needed.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with an Enterprise license! You can learn more about our LMS solution by visiting our Enterprise page.

Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in the Enterprise plan.