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Is it possible to invite external collaborators?

Yes! Didacte understands that you want the support of experts or employees for your course management. It is possible for you to invite them to your platform and give them permissions on specific courses. Collaborators are exclusive to the pro and enterprise plans.

Invite an external resource to collaborate on one or more courses to get their help. This person will be able to:

  • Preview the content of the training
  • Check the list of registered users
  • See the submitted quizzes and their results

However, they will not have access to confidential and private information on your platform, such as:

  • The complete list of users
  • The sales reports 
  • The dashboard and platform settings
  • Any edit capabilities

For content co-creation, you can also assign the teacher role to some of your users. Please note: depending on the plan you have chosen, the number of users with an administrative role may be limited to 1 or 5, or be unlimited.

Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan.