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Can I offer courses in several languages?

Yes! Currently, the Didacte interface is available in French, English, and Dutch. 

When creating your platform, you can choose any of these 3 default languages. This will allow you to translate all mandatory fields in the system. The app will automatically be displayed into the user's preferred language.

When creating a course, you will be able to confirm the course language among those that have been selected. In respect to security best practices, the same course cannot be set as bilingual. Each course is managed as an individual course. You will need to create a course for each language.

Do you want to offer courses in another language?

No. Although your content can be based on the language of your choice,  you will still have to choose from French, English, or Dutch when setting up a course. Also, the display is not optimized for certain characters and right-to-left reading. 

Try the application in English and French by creating a free account on our Resources platform! You will also find several courses to help you create your online training project.

Can I give live lessons on my platform?

Yes! Your Didacte platform allows you to add live sessions to your syllabus, thanks to two types of integration. 

A virtual classroom is an interactive tool that simulates a remote classroom. With this feature, you can organize sessions with live video and audio interactions between you and your students. 

It allows, among other things, the creation of private meeting rooms (breakout rooms), screen sharing, interaction with your students, and live chat.The webinar uses the same technology, but the options are optimized for broadcasting to numerous participants:

  • Only moderators can activate their camera and microphone
  • There are no breakout rooms

Webinars are best suited for one-way communications (lecture sessions) or for marketing activities, as a way to attract a large number of new users to your platform.Virtual classes and webinars can be recorded! Replays are then available to your participants on your platform.
To find out which plans include these features, visit the pricing page.

Is it possible to control the registration period for a specific course?

Yes! The course versions feature offers new settings to add flexibility in your course management.

First, you can duplicate a syllabus and generate multiple versions of the same training. Please note that your users can only be registered for one version at a time. 

This tool also gives you the possibility to determine a registration period and to set the maximum number of participants. This is a good way to increase incentives and encourage your future students to take action faster.

Course versions are only available on pro and enterprise plans, visit the pricing page to learn more.

Can I manage courses in cohorts (group progression)?

Yes! Thanks to the drip content, you can determine in advance delays of progression to your content.

This feature allows you to prevent your users from progressing too quickly in your training and gives you time to follow up between sessions, for example. Drip content ensures you that your group is progressing at the same pace.

Want to create a cohort of learners?

The best way to do this would be to first create a version of your training with a limited registration period. You could then activate the drip content based on a fixed date to unlock lessons for all your participants at the same rate and thus, control the progress of the group.

Drip content is only available on standard, pro and enterprise plans, visit the pricing page to learn more.

Can I create learning paths for my students?

Yes! The learning path feature allows you to create a personalized path with your existing courses. You can determine the steps and insert one or more courses in each step.

You can then manually enroll students or groups of users in a path! Only administrators and registered students can view a course.

It is only possible to create learning paths on the Enterprise Plan. You can learn more about our LMS solution for businesses by visiting our Enterprise page.

What types of content can I include in a course?

There are several types of lessons that you can add to your Didacte syllabus. Didacte focuses on content formats that are optimized for any and all supports (computer, laptop, tablet and mobile). 

Text lesson: Add your texts, photos, videos, and audio files directly into the web editor. You can style your text using preformatted headings ​​(h1 / h2) and style your text (bold, underline, URL links, etc.).

Video lesson: Import a video from YouTube or Vimeo, or upload your file video. Didacte offers you secure hosting for all your content. We recommend that you compress your file first before uploading it.

Test lesson (quiz): Test your students' knowledge with mandatory or optional quizzes, which you can correct manually or automatically.

PDF lesson: Insert PDF files into our built-in PDF viewer so that your users can easily view them without leaving the course interface. By default, your PDF files can only be viewed from the platform, but you can manually allow for downloading or printing capabilities.

Live video: Showcase lectures with our Youtube Live integration. Your students will, therefore, be able to view your course in real-time and communicate with you through our chat tool.

Virtual classroom: On our pro and enterprise plans, organize a virtual classroom with webcam broadcasting between you and your students in a private room. You can see and talk with your students in real-time.

Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan. By activating annual billing, you save up to two months worth for free!