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How much does a Didacte platform cost?

The price of your subscription varies depending on the plan you have chosen. There are two types of costs associated with a Didacte platform: 
  • License price 
  • Transaction costs (when applicable)

The license price is a fixed amount that gives you access to more or fewer features depending on your package. It can be paid monthly or annually, depending on your preference. By activating annual billing, you get the equivalent of two free months!

The transaction fees vary from 0 to 10% per transaction, depending on the plan you will have chosen. On the pro and enterprise plans, there are no transaction fees.

How long does it take to set up a platform on Didacte?

It can take less than an hour or a few hours to set up your training platform on Didacte, depending on your project. Either way, you will be done in less than a day!

Normally, the first configurations to do are :

Once your platform is set up, you will have everything you need to create your first online course and invite your users. If your content is ready, it could all be done in less than a week!

Create and configure your online training platform today. Visit our pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each package.

How do I create an online training?

First, choose your plan (see the pricing page) and create your Didacte platform.

You can then customize your interface, create your first course and add your content. You’ll find on your dashboard quick links to complete the main steps you should go through when setting up your platform.

Whenever you are ready to create a course, access the “manage course” section, click on “create course” and start filling in the form under the Information tab of your new course. To build your syllabus, just drag and drop the modules and lessons you’d like to offer to first create your class structure. You can then save and start editing each piece of content, adding your texts, documents, videos, and more!

Is this your first time giving training? 

Can I offer courses in several languages?

Yes! Currently, the Didacte interface is available in French, English, and Dutch. 

When creating your platform, you can choose any of these 3 default languages. This will allow you to translate all mandatory fields in the system. The app will automatically be displayed into the user's preferred language.

When creating a course, you will be able to confirm the course language among those that have been selected. In respect to security best practices, the same course cannot be set as bilingual. Each course is managed as an individual course. You will need to create a course for each language.

Do you want to offer courses in another language?

No. Although your content can be based on the language of your choice,  you will still have to choose from French, English, or Dutch when setting up a course. Also, the display is not optimized for certain characters and right-to-left reading. 

Try the application in English and French by creating a free account on our Resources platform! You will also find several courses to help you create your online training project.

Does the application work on mobile?

Yes! Didacte is a Web App. You can log in to Didacte from any device that is connected to the internet.

Your students can, therefore, follow their courses on a computer, tablet, or cell phone. There is no mobile app to download or install. You can access the platform on any browsers or systems such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, IOS, Android, etc. 

We recommend using a computer for the course creation process.

Try the app on different devices by creating a free account on our Resources platform! You will also find several courses to help you create your online training project.