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Licenses and Subscription

What are the benefits of a paid plans on Didacte?

The so-called “paid” plans are those which have a flat fee to be paid monthly or annually.

Although they involve a greater commitment, they are more advantageous for anyone serious in their project.

First, paid plans provide access to more features. The greater the license, the more you can take advantage of advanced tools on your platform.

Then Pro and Enterprise customers receive more personalized support. By choosing one of these plans, you will have access to private consultations to set up your project and ensure its success.

Finally, the paid plans allow you to have the right to more users with an administrative role and create more courses. You will be able to invite collaborators, partners, and colleagues to work on your project.

Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan. By activating annual billing, you get the equivalent of two free months!

Who is the Enterprise plan for?

The Enterprise plan was designed first and foremost for businesses and organizations wishing to provide in-house training. To effectively train their employees, they need a powerful tool that allows them to easily distribute content while measuring individual progress.

Without listing the many features of these plans, here are the main advantages for a business to opt for the Enterprise plan.

Private platform: You wouldn't want information shared with your team to be available on the web. The private platform allows you to control who gets access to your courses and organizational expertise.

Enrolment and completion report: Following the 1% training law (Quebec), quickly get the lowdown on your users, their progress, and the time allocated to each course to meet the 1% requirement for in-house training.

SSO Authentication System: Don't want your employees to remember a new password? Connect your platform to your existing system to facilitate the connection of your team through Single Sign-On.

User management: At any time, check the progress of your employees for specific courses or for specific users to verify that the professional and personal development objectives are indeed being met.

Collaboration: Do you already do business with external trainers? Invite them to partner on the platform by creating or co-creating courses. They can even help you with follow-ups for your users if needed.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with an Enterprise license! You can learn more by visiting our Didacte for business page or by contacting us at to request a demonstration.

Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan. By activating annual billing, you get the equivalent of two free months!

How does my license payment work?

Standard, Pro, and Enterprise plan license prices are displayed in Canadian dollars (CAD) and can be paid monthly or annually.

By choosing a monthly subscription, you will receive an automatic debit confirmation every month. If you are outside of Canada, the conversion into your currency will be done directly with your credit card provider at the rates in effect at the time of the transaction.

By opting for an annual subscription instead, you will have to pay for your entire 12-month subscription by credit card or check. By activating annual billing, you get the equivalent of two free months!

Can I cancel my subscription before the end of my contract?

It depends on your plan and the selected billing period.

By choosing monthly billing, you can end your subscription at any time without penalty. As indicated in our terms of sale, a written notice must be provided to us 10 days before the renewal for a monthly subscription.

Your platform will then be automatically converted to comply with the limitations of the basic plan. Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan.

When annual billing is enabled, you must complete 12 months of your contract before you can cancel your subscription. A written notice must be provided to us 30 days before renewal to avoid automatic renewal.

What happens if I don't renew my subscription?

When a subscription is canceled, the platform is automatically converted back to the basic plan.

This means that:
  • You must have less than 3 courses published.
  • You will be limited to one user with an administrative role.
  • You will no longer have access to all of the advanced features that were included in your original plan.

If you use one or more of the advanced features, our system will delete the related settings to ensure the compliance of your platform.

To avoid bad situations, our team always makes sure to follow up before the end of an annual subscription. 

If a platform administrator requests it, we can also completely delete its content and all data related to it. Please note that this action is taken seriously and is not reversible.