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Can I give live lessons on my platform?

Yes! Your Didacte platform allows you to add live sessions to your syllabus, thanks to two types of integration. 

A virtual classroom is an interactive tool that simulates a remote classroom. With this feature, you can organize sessions with live video and audio interactions between you and your students. 

It allows, among other things, the creation of private meeting rooms (breakout rooms), screen sharing, interaction with your students, and live chat.The webinar uses the same technology, but the options are optimized for broadcasting to numerous participants:

  • Only moderators can activate their camera and microphone
  • There are no breakout rooms

Webinars are best suited for one-way communications (lecture sessions) or for marketing activities, as a way to attract a large number of new users to your platform.Virtual classes and webinars can be recorded! Replays are then available to your participants on your platform.
To find out which plans include these features, visit the pricing page.