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Do users receive notifications from the platform?

Yes, but not for everything! The Didacte platform automates notification delivery to users for certain specific events. Here is the list of these events:

Events related to the enrolment for a course

  • Registration instructions for the platform (per invitation)
  • Confirmation of enrolment for an in-class session
  • Approval or refusal of access to an on-request registration course
  • Manual enrolment confirmation by the administrator

Events related to the progress in a course

  • A new lesson or new module is available (Drip Content)
  • Reminder 24h before an in-class lesson, or 1h before a live lesson or a virtual classroom 
  • Correction of a quiz by the teacher
  • A new completion certificate

Events related to payments

  • New invoice
  • Action required for a payment
  • Failed payment

For any other type of message that you wish to send to your users, Didacte encourages you to communicate with them manually, or even set up automations to do so automatically thanks to our Zapier integration!

Activate one of our paid plans to take advantage of Zapier integration. Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan.