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Security and Data Management

Are my courses accessible to the general public?

It depends on your plan. 

Enterprise clients’ platforms are private, so courses are only visible after users log in. A user must be invited to the platform and cannot sign up on his own. Your content is therefore private at all times. 

For our clients on the Basic, Standard, and Pro plans, only unpublished courses are not visible. Any published courses will be visible to any user who visits your platform, and anyone can register.

On a Pro plan, you can still control access to content by requiring your students to submit an enrollment request first. You can, therefore, accept or reject the requests received.

If your content is confidential and needs to be protected, be sure to think about it carefully before choosing your plan. Visit the pricing page to learn more about the prices and features included in each plan.

Is my content private?

Yes! Your content is precious and Didacte knows it. This is why we offer you the possibility of hosting your content directly on your platform, fully secured.

We use best practices to protect your data, click here to learn more. The content on your platform is automatically set as accessible through the platform only, following an enrolment.

On your side, you can control the printing and download of PDF documents and attachments that you provide during your training. By allowing your students to print or download your content, it is your responsibility to put in place measures or sanctions to prevent the unauthorized distribution of these materials.

If you are a victim of plagiarism, Didacte can help you ensure that your rights are respected. Learn more about our digital copyright policy.

Are my users' contact details protected?

Yes! Didacte and its experienced team ensure the security of your data and that of your users. We use best practices to protect your data, click here to learn more.

At all times, you control the roles and permissions of the users of your platform. You can thus limit the number of people who can view and download your user datas registered on your platform.

The administrators of the platform and the Didacte team do not have access to the passwords of students. These are completely private and will have to be reset by the user in the event of forgetting.

To report a security issue, write to us at

Where is my data hosted?

The Didacte app and all its content are hosted on servers in Canada. More precisely, the databases are hosted in Toronto and the files uploaded by the users (PDF, videos, images, etc.) are hosted in Montreal.

Can my platform be suspended or deleted?

In the event of misconduct or a violation of our terms of use, Didacte reserves the right to suspend your platform. This suspension may be irrevocable or for a limited period until the problem is resolved.

By suspending your platform, your users will no longer have access to their courses and you will no longer be able to make changes to your site. We understand the impact of this action, which is why we do not take this action lightly.

At the request of a platform administrator, we can also completely delete its content and all data related to it. Please note that this action is taken seriously and is not reversible.

If in doubt, write to us at!