Certification and accreditation

We should celebrate when a student completes a course!

Learning is essential, but recognizing the ongoing progress is equally important. This is why Didacte allows you to assess, certify and accredit your students.

Encourage them to perform better and increase the perceived value of your courses by giving them a completion certificate. Everybody wins!

Quizzes and exams

Validate your learners' understanding by creating quizzes and exams on your platform. You can insert as many tests into a course plan as you consider necessary!

Ask multiple-choice questions for standardized tests or open-ended questions for individual text answers. You can even request a file upload to grade and comment on a document, video, image, or more.

Automatic or manual correction of exams

Configure success criteria for each of your tests and the number of attempts allowed. Depending on the type of questions you ask your students, you can correct them manually or automatically.

Once corrected, Didacte will save your tests on your platform, and you will have easy access to them at all times!

Course credits

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

Offer continuous education credits to students who complete your courses to encourage them to enroll in more. If a professional association or an external organization recognizes these courses, you can identify them with a reference number.

You will see the list of all the credits obtained by your learners by consulting their user profiles. Credits are only awarded upon course completion.

Completion certificate

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

Send completion certificates automatically and display them directly in your users' profiles! The system will generate these following the completion of the course by your learners.

If you have associated credits with a course, these can be displayed on the certificate. The certificate may then serve as proof of compliance and be presented to the professional association or a governing body.

Start certifying and accrediting your students today!