Enrollment management

You decide who has access to each of your courses!

Whether you want to create urgency, teach a cohort or enroll your students in specific courses, Didacte offers you all the tools to control access to your content.

Add registration restrictions to your courses, or manually enroll the right students in the suitable sessions!

Requalification management

Exclusive to Enterprise plan

As knowledge and skills are quickly forgotten, it's paramount that your students stay sharp and re(develop) their skills to remain effective!

With this feature, you can simply select a due date for your courses and once that date is reached, your students will be invited to re-complete the course and confirm their knowledge during the requalification period.

Management of Bill 90

Exclusive to Enterprise plan

Are you a company in Quebec that must comply with Bill 90 (or the 1% law)? Didacte can help you manage the time spent per employee on all courses eligible to the program!

You can activate the feature on these courses and then filter your progress reports. All you have to do is add the salary per employee, and you will have calculated the total amount to declare in just a few clicks.

User import

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

If you already have the names and emails of your new students on hand, import your list of users directly into Didacte. They will receive an email inviting them to complete the creation of their profile on your platform.

You can even add them directly into a group, thus accelerating the enrollment process for one or more courses!

Manual enrollments

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

Do you want to assign training content to your students yourself? With manual enrollments, you can enroll a user or a group of users in one or more courses!

You can also enroll them in content that is not visible on the platform, such as private courses and learning paths. 

Limited access courses

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

By default, a new course on Didacte is public, which means it is visible to your students and can be either free or paid. 

If you want to control its access, you can make it available by enrollment request. In this case, your users will see the course description and may request access to it, but you will have to accept or refuse each request manually.

Registration periods management

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

If you're running live or in-person sessions, adding a registration period to the course can save you a lot of hassle! 

Each version of the same course can have a different registration period, allowing you to offer your students multiple instances of the same activity. They will only see the sessions for which registrations are still allowed.

Maximum number of enrollments

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

Do you want to offer a course exclusively to a limited group? Didacte allows you to set a maximum number of enrollments for each of your courses!

This feature is ideal for tracking a cohort of students, for a limited-time training offer or live virtual classrooms in small groups.

Start controlling your courses enrollments today!