Learning management

Offer a unique learning experience to your students!

Didacte offers tools that allow you to monitor and parameterize your students’ progress to improve their experience. And all this on a single centralized platform!

Use this data to customize your training offer, better meet your students’ needs, and control their learning process.

User monitoring

Exclusive to Enterprise plan

See in real-time the progress of your students in one or more of your courses! You will be able to see the date and time each lesson was completed, the grades received in each quiz and the date and time of completion, if applicable.

Didacte offers 3 ways to track this data: in the "enrollments" section of a course, in a user's profile and the enrollment report. 

Restricted access user groups

Exclusive to Enterprise plan

Assign one or more groups to your employees to facilitate batch actions, such as enrolling multiple students in a new course!

For each course, you can designate the groups for which it will be accessible to control better the display of public courses to your different staff members.

Learning paths

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

Personalize your employees' learning by creating customized learning paths by one’s job type or department.

You can group multiple courses in a path and arrange them in a fixed or random order by creating the desired number of steps. This feature is great for onboarding new employees.

Save time and automate the enrollment of your students in a learning path by associating a path to a user group!

Course completion reminder

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

Help your users stay organized in their learning by implementing automated reminders!

By setting up custom e-mail reminders for your students, they won't have to think about it, and you will never have to worry about them forgetting to complete your course.

Drip content

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

Do you teach in cohorts? Do you want your students to progress at the same pace in your course? Can't release your content before a certain date?

Use progressive unlocking to assign your modules and lessons a specific number of days or dates before your users will not have access to this content! They will be automatically notified by email when a new lesson is available.

Multiple versions courses

Exclusive to Pro and Enterprise plans

Didacte allows you to create multiple occurrences of a course, an ideal solution if you offer several sessions of the same course or if you want to make some modifications to the course outline depending on the type of user. 

Your students can register for the version of the course that best suits their schedule or needs!

Start managing your students’ learning today!