Marketing tools

Selling your online courses has never been so easy!

Didacte offers a series of marketing tools and integrations explicitly designed for selling online courses and make your expertise profitable.

Take advantage of our integrated Stripe payment system to automatically collect revenues made on your platform through courses and subscription sales!

Activity and sales tracking

Connect Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to your platform to track the behaviour of your leads and measure the results of your ads.

In addition to the dashboard, Didacte also generates detailed sales reports that will allow you to analyze the profitability of your courses and facilitate your accounting work!

Annual or monthly subscriptions

Do you prefer selling your courses under subscriptions rather than separately? You can create plans in Didacte and assign each one a price and a billing frequency. 

You then have the option to grant unlimited access to all your published courses or select only a few!

Coupons and discount codes

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

Encourage your customers and leads to buy your courses by offering them exclusive discounts on your platform.

Your marketing initiatives can be as scoped as you want them to be! You can specify a validity date, a maximum number of uses per coupons, which courses are eligible and even which specific users can apply coupon codes!

User reviews

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

There is no better marketing than recommendations and reviews from satisfied customers. Didacte allows you to ask for feedback when a student completes a course!

The comments collected are not published, but you have the choice to display or not the average score of the reviews left on your training courses. Scores can vary between 0 and 5.

Zapier integration

Exclusive to Standard, Pro and Enterprise plans

Automate your marketing processes with Zapier, which allows you to trigger specific actions in response to events on your platform.

For example, you could create a "zap" that adds new users to your MailChimp subscriber list upon account creation. They could even receive a welcome message automatically!

Start selling your online courses today!