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February 28, 2017

Client Spotlight : BILDOP - Growth Accelerator

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This week, we would like to highlight BILDOP - Growth Accelerator, a consulting firm designed to equip growth management coaches with the adoption of good business practices.

While this company originally used a traditional approach based on personalized support, it took only a few months to assist them in the implementation of an expansion project. BILDOP now offers online content for the certification of consultants and managers throughout the province.

The context

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. This is an adventure where the risk is inevitable and where one has to learn to face the unknown. With technologies now supporting young entrepreneurs, enabling them to automate many of the business streams, we need to go back to the basics and realize that a business is nothing but an extension of the person who runs it.

Business coaching is therefore becoming more and more popular as it helps these entrepreneurs to better manage their projects and lead their business. The development of entrepreneurial skills is a key element to a business leader’s viability, investing quickly in a career has a major impact for someone trying to ensure the sustainability of his/her company.

The company entirely dedicated to the growth of others

While today’s businesses all have access to the same technologies, markets and knowledge poles, what sets them apart and makes them competitive is their ability to collaborate and stimulate people to work together.

Creating a dynamic, flexible, intelligent and innovative organization that will retain key employees is the challenge of today’s managers and entrepreneurs.

BILDOP believes that growth is managed through an increase in profitability and that it is based on three pillars:

  • Improved processes
  • Adoption of best management practices
  • Innovation

BILDOP’s mission is to propel and accelerate the growth of SMEs and the whole process begins with adequate training. Didacte is proud to collaborate in the health and the progression of business values.

Establishing the need

When we met the BILDOP team, it only took us a few minutes to quickly realize that their mission was perfectly aligned with ours. Didacte has been doing whatever was possible since day 1 to allow talented and passionate people develop their potential and make the most of it.

In this union of philosophy, collaboration with BILDOP was therefore nothing but natural and very enriching. As the reality of SMEs is based on a varied range of challenges, BILDOP strive to offer continuous training content to their consultants. This effort is to ensure they are well-equipped to guide their clients throughout the development of their businesses.

It is then motivated by expansion ambitions that BILDOP found an interest in a digital approach. Their project intends to accommodate consultants located in remote areas, while limiting the costs related to their own growth project.

The requirements

In order for their project to meet the objective of developing a presence throughout the province, the growth project is directed at entrepreneurs willing to convert their passion into a career. The technical needs of their projects were narrowed down to seven distinct criterias. To ensure a smooth onboarding and quality integration for their new consultants, the platform needed:

  • A modern interface that can represent the image of the company;
  • Ease of use through an intuitive interface;
  • Flexibility by providing free and paid training;
  • Online accessibility, to accommodate consultants in remote areas and atypical schedules;
  • Offer of varied content (videos, downloadable documents and images)
  • Affordable and flexible pricing;
  • Providing the possibility of forming several sectors of activity all at once.

The immediate gains

As the BILDOP approach is based on the proximity between the clients and their consultants, it goes without saying that the organization must be equally accessible for its own resources.

They are taking advantage of their platform by improving the integration of their new consultants, forming them on the positioning of the banner, its objectives and its corporate culture. Through time, it also became a repertoire to give them basic tools to offer and propose BILDOP services.

We ensure the fulfillment of our objectives using the tools that Didacte offers. The checklist ensures that the consultants have gone through all the administrative steps, while the open-ended test allows us to assess whether they have understood our positioning. It also outlines if they made the required associations with their expertise.

Business foresight

Now that BILDOP is witnessing the rapid gains that can be made through an online offer, they are now hoping to increase and improve the training contents for their consultants. In addition to a wide range of tools directly related to growth management, the company aspire to develop advanced training content in a variety of fields outside the current scope of expertise. The exchange of expertise between the various senior consultants can thus become both a collaboration engine and a content generator.

For more information on the services offered, or to learn more about the recruitment process, visit the official BILDOP website.

Quick take-aways

  • Private platform designed for business onboarding and continuing training of consultants
  • Fast implementation turnovers
  • Pricing flexibility
  • Reduced spendings on growth projects while accommodating employees in remote areas

Mathieu Dumont

CEO at Didacte, Mathieu is an entrepreneur who has accumulated several years of experience in healthy business growth, in the application of management systems and in business design.