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September 16, 2015

Free Stock Images to Support Your Content

You are an expert in your field, you succeed as a writer and are ready to share your knowledge.

But you would also like you add quality images to support your words and draw the attention of your visitors.

That is an excellent idea but beware of copyright infringement.

The worst thing to do is search on Google Image for “yoga images” and pick photos straight from the results.

A lot of people do this and get in trouble.

I know two business in our city that received settlement demand letter from Getty Images in just the last two months. It can get costly in time and money to deal with them. They ask for a lot of money.

Fortunately, there is a free alternative: images made copyright free by photographers. You can even use them commercially with no attribution required.

This is exactly what you need if you intend to sell your courses on Didacte (commercial use) or make money out of advertisements on your blog (commercial use too).

All images you will find in this article are licensed under the Creative Common Zero, which mean they are in the public domain and totally copyright free.

Images for Experts in Meditation and Yoga

Superb images to illustrate a yoga course or a meditation product. They also suit well in an eBook that would describe a spiritual journey.

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

- Image CC0 on Unsplash

Images for Language Specialists

Lot of options here! Any image of two persons having a conversation is great, communication is often the objective of learning a new language.

You could also pick an image of a city emblematic of the language. For example, a picture of Paris for a french course. A lot of people learn french to visit France and be able to communicate.

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

Images for Musicians

There’s no copyright free images for every instrument, but if you teach guitar, piano or violin, you will get a ton of images to choose from.

- Image CC0 on SplitShire

- Image CC0 on Pexels

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

Images for Photographers

You should definitely use your own shots! It will show your target audience the image quality possible to achieve after completing your courses.

Nevertheless, let me share with you some pictures that include a camera. Useful if you do not have two devices, especially for training that focuses on choosing or adjusting a camera.

- Image CC0 on Unsplash

- Image CC0 on Unsplash

Images for Artist Painter

Choose a painting you made and you believe a student would be able to reproduce after following your courses, or an image related to what you are teaching.

Such as these, which contain art supplies:

Download - Image CC0 on Pexels

Download - Image CC0 on Pixabay

Images for Developers

If you offer a course to learn to program in Ruby, your image should show code in this specific language or the result of the project taught in your course (for a practical course).

Moreover, it is easy to create a montage with your code or the result of your project displayed on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

To do this, simply search for “psd computer mockup” on Google. You will find many Photoshop documents that automatically adapt your image to place it on the screen of a tablet, for example, with the right size and the right perspective. Several mockups are free.

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

- Image CC0 on Pixabay

Make a Search by Yourself

Below you will find a list of websites I use & recommend in your search of copyright free images.

All theses websites are CC0 and can be used in a commercial project without attribution.


Not my favorite, but definitely the largest copyright free images collection available. At least half the pictures in this articles are from Pixabay.


A great website for free pictures. The quality of the images is extremely high. You can subscribe to their mailing list to receive 10 stunning images by email three times a month.


A very high level of quality here too. Pexels performs a manual selection of copyright free images on a handful of sites, including Unsplash. More than 50 new pictures are published weekly.


High resolution photos by professional photographer Ryan McGuire that systematically releases the rights of his new photos. A lot of colorful images.


Same thing here but with an Italian photographer. The quality is very high and there is a wide variety.

Jay Mantri

Beautiful images with a lot of landscapes and buildings.


Pikwizard stands out as they have a lot of pictures of people, which tend to be rare in free stock photo sites.