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March 19, 2020

Create your online training during confinement: don't lose the momentum!

You have read it everywhere, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 as being pandemic. The news forced all business leaders to take containment measures to prevent the spread. 

Now is not the time to bury your head in the sand. 

In this period of isolation, it is more necessary than ever to be flexible and creative in business. To keep your customers and employees motivated, you are responsible for finding practical and accessible solutions.

You probably already know, but technology can meet this need today, tomorrow and even in the long term. In fact, you should only consider using tools that will keep you from ever going into a crisis again.

If your company has not yet gone digital, the planets are aligned right now. 

COVID-19 : the momentum to create your online training

Don't lose the momentum

One of the biggest obstacles to implementing new technology is managing change. However, the current situation forces even the most refractory to automation to use virtual means and work remotely. 

Both your employees and your customers are inclined to try new ways of getting out of their comfort zones. This is a rare opportunity that you can’t afford to miss!

Create training content with limited resources

Your students will be understanding since their resources are also limited. To meet their need for professional improvement, you should suggest new solutions quickly.

You don't have access to a film crew and professional equipment? Don't worry, it's not necessary! There are several tools available to help you easily create the material you need. Among our favorites are Camtasia, Loom and Soapbox.

Make sure your content is good, even if it means offering a temporary container. Do not put yourself under pressure to get out of impeccable visuals in such a short time. As long as the message is clear and your sound is heard, the rest can be reviewed later.

Don't lose the momentum!

Take advantage of confinement to create online training

Not only companies benefit from investing in systems automation, but employees and consumers also want web content. They are also confined to their houses, but they still want to keep moving forward. They are therefore more inclined to learn to use new platforms. 

To introduce online training in your business model, the timing is perfect. We do not want to take advantage of the situation, but we had to share this observation: 

It is an opportunity that may not come back anytime soon, it’s better to act now! Create your training platform in just a few clicks.

No matter what industry you are in, your business can benefit from online training. Indeed, a platform like Didacte's is a considerable strategic tool to support your growth. 

Setting up an LMS in times of crisis

Within your company, a Learning Management System (LMS) allows the optimization of administrative processes. In a period of adaptation to remote work, the procedures need to be reviewed and above all to be communicated effectively. 

In addition to facilitating access to information, your LMS offers professional development opportunities to your staff. It's an investment that will keep them more motivated and help improve their productivity.

Take advantage of the availability of your remote employees to ask them to document their expertise. By involving them in the creation of training content, they will become true internal ambassadors!

Would you like to implement an LMS quickly? With Didacte you can do so within 24 hours. Contact us to start creating your online training courses tomorrow!

Selling training to save opportunities

Under government recommendations, many people have had a moral obligation to cancel their events, training, or conferences. To avoid completely losing registrations to your activities, you could offer an online alternative.

Rather than doing a one-time webinar, take the time to create a product that can be reused later. This investment will easily pay off in terms of your credibility as an expert and the additional income that it will generate.

Plan beyond the confinement period

Many will put time, money, and energy into a temporary solution without thinking about the future. What if this new technology could have long-term benefits for your business?

Let's leave aside short-term initiatives such as improvised webinars that have no sustainable value for the company once the crisis is over. Let's be proactive and build together solutions that will last and have a better return on investment.

Remember, moreover, that your competitors also find themselves stuck in the same situation and make the same reflections. Don't wait for them to act before you, be innovative in your industry.

Your online training could be used for so much more than a temporary measure. We will be happy to show you how. Contact us!

Marie-Hélène Couette

Digital Strategist at Didacte. Passionate about entrepreneurship, Marie-Hélène Couette has managed numerous business development, marketing and event projects in Quebec and on an international level. Through training and content creation, she wants to help entrepreneurs succeed and live from their passion.