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April 5, 2016

E-learning: WordPress vs Didacte

Is it possible to sell your online training course with WordPress plugins? Yes. Want to know the biggest advantage? It’s free.

Apart from the required technical skills you’ll need to create your website, here is a list of disadvantages you need to think about.

1. You are not as safe as you think

Every month, thousands of WordPress websites are hacked. It’s usually because users don’t update their websites in time (disadvantage #2), but not always. For example, during the Security Release Process 4.2.3 implemented last July, thousands of WordPress websites went blank, only showing an error message. Which happened because of an automatic update.

Fixing the problem was not as easy as abc, because WordPress didn’t have an all inclusive remedy. Most of the time, a technical expert will have to replace your database with a backup file.

It’s completely normal that WordPress is so often targeted and hacked, because it’s such a popular platform. WordPress represents 26,1% of the total worldwide websites and it’s also the first target for hackers. Because for a hacker, the more the merrier.

At Didacte, we’ll make sure to always use the best and highest standards of security, better than most of the platforms on the market. We update our security system as soon as they are available, and we use monitoring tools to make sure our servers are always up to date. Yep, that’s the kind of company we are!

2. Maintenance

You will always have to update your WordPress plugins yourself. It’s not really complicated but it’s falls under your responsibility. Updates can become quite tricky depending on the kind of plugins you are using and you’ll have to make sure they are still compatible with every new update. Well, that sounds like a lot of work.

At Didacte, any updates or new features are done by Didacte. We constantly test our app and we make sure our updates are never done during the busiest time of the day. And because we like you, we have created a Twitter account to keep you updated.

3. Extensions

WordPress has about a million extensions available. Every extension is written by an independant developer and brings new features that were not available in the original installation.

It’s a great system…most of the time. Sometimes, two plugins can’t work together, or the plugin stops working after a WordPress update. And sometimes, a developer can mess up, which can lead to a security breach. It’s like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.

Didacte doesn’t work with plugins. We created and wrote all of the code specifically for the app, so there’s zero risk of having problems because of an incompatibility or update. All new features are launched according to a development plan or to accommodate the needs of our clients.

4. Speed

WordPress can do a lot of things but the code is so complicated (it has over 644,349 lines of code at the time of writing). You also have to remember that WordPress was created as a blog platform. The flexibility offered comes at the price of speed. If your website is on a shared hosting provider, going over 50 connected users at the same time is not going to work properly. You’ll have to add a cache, and that can become quite complex.

At Didacte, we are lucky that our platform was created as a whole online training tool right from the start. We can improve the performance of our features and give you a great app: fast and modern.

5. Hosting

Your WordPress website will have to be hosted somewhere. For a small website hosted on a server with multiple websites you will need to have deep pockets and spend at least 10$ a month. Performances will differ, depending on the amount of money you’ll spend.

At Didacte, we host your website for free! Didacte is a SaaS (Software as a Service). You don’t have to spend a dime for your content or server management hosting services. It’s all included!

Are you ready to work with a tool you can finally trust?

Louis-Michel Couture