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February 3

How to Boost Your Business with LinkedIn

Making LinkedIn a work tool

Social networks are great tools to market your business on the internet and thus gain new customers. When you want to create a site, or even optimize your existing website, social media must be an integral part of your digital communication strategy.

But to have an effective presence on social networks, you must master the codes of each of them. Today, we are particularly interested in LinkedIn, which in May 2017 had more than 1 million Quebecers and nearly 13 million users in France, including 1 million active daily according to this study. Although it may seem less attractive than Facebook, LinkedIn can nevertheless prove to be essential for your field of activity.

Follow this guide to promote your business on LinkedIn!

Define who is your target

First, ask yourself what type of Internet user you are looking to attract to your LinkedIn page: potential customers (if you are in B2B) or influencers (in your field of activity) with the goal of being relayed to the greatest number?

Analyze their own profiles to determine their interests and identify the groups they follow.

Also, look at the pages of your competitors to see how they communicate and who their followers are.

Create an optimized business page

Now that you have your target and your communication axis, follow best practices to create your business page on LinkedIn.

First, choose good quality images and don't forget your logo: LinkedIn revealed that profiles with a logo are 6 times more viewed than conventional profiles.

Also, take care of the SEO aspect of your page by writing a relevant description with keywords that explain your business and your positioning. Google previews up to 156 characters on your business page: take advantage of it!

Do not neglect the languages ​​in which you want to be present according to your field of activity and your markets. Company pages can be displayed in more than 20 languages, follow this LinkedIn tutorial to configure your company page in other languages.

Finally, be aware that more than 60% of LinkedIn users connect from their mobile: therefore remember to check the rendering of your page and the display of information on the LinkedIn mobile application.

Last point: once your page is created, add a link to it on your website, in your email signatures, and in your newsletter.

Ask your teams to update their profile if you haven't already, to have your company page appear on their own profile!

Post engaging content on your page

Avoid openly promotional messages, this is not the appropriate place. On the other hand, LinkedIn should be used to promote your expertise in your field of activity.

Relay your own blog articles, but not only: post or share relevant publications in your field from other interesting sites or pages.

Before posting, always ask yourself what added value your post will bring to your readers!

Like any social network, you will need to post regularly to be credible, at least several times a week, if possible daily.

Finally, vary the types of content so you don't bore your followers: favor the visuals, and don't forget the videos that have been on the rise for a few years. These contents generally provoke much more reactions and sharing than the texts alone!

Be active in groups

When you are interested in your target, you have identified relevant groups that bring together actors and influencers in your field of activity.

Join these groups and be active in it: You have to comment on the posts, take an active part in the discussions and debates. This will promote you and drive traffic to your own page.

Analyze the performance of your page

To be able to quantify the results of your actions, use the statistics on your company page: this will allow you to know if your page is viewed and if your publications are clicked. So many valuable tools to be able to optimize your presence on LinkedIn. This article explains in more detail how to understand your business page statistics on LinkedIn.

Use sponsored posts

LinkedIn ads, as well as sponsored posts, will allow you to publicize your publications beyond your usual circle.

You will be able to use criteria such as the field of activity, the position, the geographical area… to push your posts with people able to relay you or follow you!

Our advice: do not abuse sponsored posts, however. First, focus on the points above to build your LinkedIn company page, animate it by sharing interesting content and make it known in a natural way.

Linnéa Bourgeois

Customer Sucess Manager at Orson.io