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April 27, 2016

Discover our new and improved test features

One of Didacte’s best feature is the “test lesson”, which is often used to check the amount progress and knowledge acquired by the students.

Until today, only one kind of question was available for the test lessons, the single or multiple-choice answers. But we are proud to announce that a few improvements have been made to this key feature.

Let me show you the new options that are finally available with this new and improved version. They will allow you to create compelling and personalized tests to assess your students!

Types of questions

We now offer three kinds of questions:

  • Single or multiple-choice
  • Long text
  • File upload fichier

Single choice

Single choice question allow you to configure only one valid answer.

Multiple choices

Long text

Long texts allow you to ask a question that needs to be answered in a longer and more elaborate way. The question is shown as a textbox your student will have to fill out in order to complete the test.

File upload

This kind of question gives you a great wiggle room. Your student is going to have to upload his answer. This file can be a dissertation, a mock-up for a design class, a zipped file for a computer science project or even an AutoCAD for future architects. Your student has the possibility to turn in his test in the format of your choice.


It’s now possible to control the level of feedback your student will receive at the end of a test, thanks to three new kinds of scores:

  • Total score only
  • Total score and points per question
  • Total score, points and comments per question

Total score only

The total score is shown (ex: 7/10) once the test is completed. The student doesn’t know which questions were rightfully or wrongly answered.

Total score and points per question

In addition to the total score, the student is shown his own answers and the number of points awarded for each question. The student will not see the right answer to a question he wrongly answered..

Total score, points and comments per question

In addition to the total score and the detail of the points per question, the student will also see the correct answer of each question, even those he got wrong.

Number of attempts

We have added a new option that allows you to choose the number of attempts given to a student for each test. You can decide to give one single attempt for the final exam, but give a couple of attempts for all other tests. It’s up to you.


It’s now possible to choose a specific amount of points awarded for each answer of a test. This allows you to add more value to some answers. A single or multiple-choice answer will grant full points if the question is answered correctly. For an answer that needs to be corrected manually, it’s possible to select the amount of points given to a student when grading the test.

Manual or automatic correction?

With these two new kinds of questions, two new ways of corrections are also available. The automatic correction system allows you to grade single or multiple-choice answers without having to do any work (it’s all done beforehand). And the manual correction system allows you to grade each test (one after the other) with short answers or a downloaded file.

Note: it’s possible to grade a test automatically even with all three kinds of answers, but know that any answers that are not single or multiple-choice will be considered a right answer.

Manual correction system

The manual correction system is done in three steps:

  1. When a student finishes a test that requires manual correction, an email is sent to the teacher to let him know there is a new test pending;
  2. The teacher logs in, grades the test and saves the modifications;
  3. An email is sent to the student telling him his test had been graded and he is now able to continue his course.

During the first step of the manual correction process, it’s possible to leave a comment for each question. If the test has single or multiple-choice answers, they will be graded automatically. You can enter each score per question for each student in the field located at the bottom of the page. It’s also possible to leave a general comment for the whole test in the field provided..

Once you are done, you will only have to click on “save and finish the corrections”. Your modifications are saved and the scores are sent to your students. Not done yet? Don’t worry, it’s possible to save the modifications you have made even if you haven’t completely graded the test, you will be able to come back later to finish working on it.

Posting the results of a test

A few options are available when it comes to showing the results of a test as a teacher. The “recently graded” section found in the administrative section shows the last 20 tests that were graded.

The student profile allows you to post all results of a specific course.

Students also have access to their scores in the “my enrollments” section of their profile.

Your opinion matters!

We hope these modifications will allow you to make the most out of your tests. You opinion is really important for us! Should you have any problems, questions or comments about any of our features, feel free to contact us at Happy grading!

Louis-Michel Couture