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January 30, 2020

Success Story of La Kogiteuse: Converting Your Passion into a Business Opportunity

At Didacte, we are crazy about entrepreneurs who stand out and who don’t do things like others. We, therefore, contacted Kim Morissette, La Kogiteuse, to explain the dazzling success of her online training. Indeed, Kim obtained an impressive number of registrations for her training "La Map Ambition 2020" in just one month. Find out how she turned her passion into a business opportunity.

Kim Morissette, La Kogiteuse

Who is La Kogiteuse?

Kim launched La Kogiteuse's blog a year ago to help people in communication. Trying various ways to make use of her knowledge, she slowly built her credibility via, among others, Instagram. Specialized initially in branding and social media, she developed a personal tool of priorities and introspection. Her planner was so popular with her online community that she had to market the Journal Ambition

Even if her primary intention was to create a practical tool in a professional environment, Kim saw the opportunity to expand her market. She understood that she could convert it to make a "life" planner too. She, therefore, found herself with a growing clientele and demand for a product that she did not expect to sell. A bold decision that completely changed her business model.

“I created it for myself, then it caused a kind of wave in the community that I already had. I'm only doing this now!”

How was the transition?

Although Kim is a planning expert, she admitted that she is quite intuitive in business. She told us that for her, her first year was a real personal journey. In her initial approach, she was very focused on her academic skills and knowledge. Now, her business model is much more oriented towards her passion and personal strengths. 

“One year ago, I was trying to be someone I was not completely. Having a business that looks like me is more important than being super strategic.”

Why online training?

Given the success of the Journal Ambition, Kim saw a new opportunity to diversify her offer. Since she was wishing to earn passive income, creating online training seemed appropriate for the occasion. Already having knowledge of video and a camera, she isolated herself for a week to write her training content. In a few days, her online training was ready for sale on Didacte’s website.

Recording of the online training

“Forget perfection, dare ambition!”

On La Kogiteuse’s website, the slogan states it clearly: it is better to dare than trying to achieve perfection. Kim told us that she herself was paralyzed for several years by her need for everything to be perfect. By wanting to do too much, one quickly falls into discouragement, which often leads to inaction. According to her, it's more important to be in action than to do nothing. Kim still has a minimum of quality standards and ensures that the visuals are beautiful. 

“The container helps to attract the eye, but if the content is good, the rest is always superficial. Relevance is worth more than appearance.”

What was the biggest challenge?

What was more difficult for Kim was to establish the cost of her training. In hindsight, she told us that she regretted not having sold it more expensively. The feedback she received from people who participated in her training confirmed that it was too affordable. When you have relevant content, don't be afraid to charge the right price. The important thing is not to underestimate the value of your wisdom and your knowledge.

Selling training online, is it difficult?

For Kim, it was rather easy to be successful and generate passive income with her online training. Since she already had a small but very committed community, selling her content required little effort. It must also be said that it is more natural to sell when it is a project that stems from your passion. She told us that customer acquisition was done on Instagram, but the conversion was in her Facebook group. She was also able to count on the support of ambassadors in her professional network and in her circle of friends.

"La Map Ambition" training

How does online training generate income?

Two hours of video shooting and a week of writing, it was a very small investment for Kim. Considering the high volume of registrations for her training, we understand that profitability is worth it! In addition to the direct sales of registrations, Kim explained to us that her training also creates other business opportunities. Thanks to “The Map Ambition 2020”, she already has received requests to provide onsite training in companies.

“My training on Didacte was the most profitable move of my year, the one where I had the greatest feeling of accomplishment. It's brilliant to do that.”

Do you have to work full time to sell training?

Putting training online is above all a big job upstream. It is a significant investment of time at first, but very little work thereafter. Kim is a mother of 2 and simply wanted to try to find a new source of income. It was just a "bonus" product that has ultimately worked very well! She considers it was a test this year, but it gives her a lot of ideas for the future.

Why Didacte?

The choice was not very difficult for Kim. A friend told her about Didacte and she didn't hesitate a second. She preferred to use a Quebec company, but above all, she trusted the team behind the product. What she preferred about Didacte’s training platform was the ease of use and the appearance of the site. She found a simple solution to all her needs and she liked that the tool was very flexible. She also told us that it is a tool that can be applied to any industry with the right strategy.

Will we be able to see more training from La Kogiteuse?

It is certain that we should expect to see other training by Kim on the platform. She is already thinking of a wide range of opportunities for the entrepreneurial, professional and female community to which she is addressed.
She would also like to convert her onsite training to digital to continue generating passive income with her content. Now that her business model is aligned with her passion, she is motivated by what is coming up in 2020. For Kim, ambition and action are the keys to success.

“Always be in action, follow your feelings and listen to yourself. If you stop doubting, you will gain confidence in your strengths and succeed in what you undertake!”

Do you also have a project that could be converted into online training? Try Didacte’s platform and start generating passive income by selling your own content.

Marie-Hélène Couette

Marie-Hélène Couette is Head of Sales and Marketing at Didacte. She is also very passionate about entrepreneurship and human development. She specializes in content creation for growing companies looking to better support their teams in this great adventure!