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March 22, 2016

Launching your online training course: The questions you need to ask yourself

You have read our last article about creating your own online training course in 6 easy steps and you are ready to take the leap. Do you remember the first step: Define a clear project? That’s where your online training course story starts.

Make up your mind

Your head is filled with training ideas? That’s great, you will need a strong and clear idea in order to see the big picture. But how are you going to get there, how are you going to choose between so many ideas? It’s going to be tough one. But fear not, because it all depends on the situation and on your favorite topics. In the online training world, there are only a few situations. We will talk about two of them. Now it’s time to choose your path: Corpo or Solo?


Do you want to share your professional expertise depending on your line of business? As a self-employed individual seeking to share your knowledge or as an organization or company wanting to improve in-house training programs, an online platform is definitely going to help you launch your project. This tool is going to help your organization by improving skills development as well as the transfer of knowledge.


Based on personal skills or knowledge, this training format focuses on personal motivation and self-development. It offers students the chance to learn, to really explore topics they are interested in, to have fun and to enjoy themselves. We find training courses with athletic themes where we can learn how to run or play tennis, and we can also find fun courses to learn how to play guitar, to paint or even to cook. In short, it’s about fun and passion.

The questions you need to ask yourself


  • What information would I like to pass on to my employees?
  • What kind of training do my employees need (new processes, products, technology, skills)?
  • Are there any in-person training courses already given out by my company?


  • What are my special skills or knowledge?
  • How can I make them attractive and beneficial for an online training course?
  • What skills or knowledge could be interesting to share?
  • In the past, has anyone ever asked me to share my skills or knowledge?

Corpo tips to show training courses that could have an online added-value. Think about:

  1. The training courses given out on a regular basis;
  2. The teacher’s’ time for each training courses and how it could be improved by using an online strategy;
  3. The longevity and quality of your training courses: how it could have a longer shell life and could be improved over time;
  4. The accessibility for your students: your organization has several branches? No problem, students can easily access the same training courses all over the world.

Alright, you are officially ready to start and launch you online training course. Want to know more? Stay tuned for our next article, where we will talk about Step 2: Target your audience and adapt your strategies with Didacte.

Claudia Marcotte