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September 28, 2015

Sell Online Courses on a Marketplace or on Your Platform?

E-learning marketplaces and platforms are two very popular options nowadays.

Let’s compare both options to sell your online courses.

Benefits of a Marketplace

You can receive a lot of exposure from a marketplace with a large user base. However, keep in mind the marketplace sells your course to a person that knows the marketplace, not you.

Benefits of Your Platform

You own the customer base.

You can communicate with your customers when you want, and your platform will not display courses from your competitors.

These are the big issues with marketplaces; they own your customers’ information, and they list your courses beside your competitor’s.

Finally, your profits on each transactions are higher. Maketplaces usually keep a large portion of the sale profit. When you are using you own platform, you get to keep the most of the sales revenue.

Why Not Use Them Both?

You can use both solutions if you are new to online courses business.

Get known and find your first customers on marketplaces, but focus promotion & marketing efforts on your platform.

You will build your long-term audience while getting known faster and reaching more clients with the marketplaces.

The smaller your audience is, the more attractive marketplaces will be. The larger your audience becomes, the better benefits you will get from having your own platform.

The bottom line? Each solution is very different, but they can work together.

Kaven Ayotte