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July 1, 2021

Alexandra Martel's 4 tips to better sell your online course

High-pressure selling doesn't impress anyone.

By unnecessarily forcing a sense of urgency, you are more likely to create dissatisfaction and regret in your customers.

Forget the testimonials and references after that!

To better sell your course, you must bet on marketing that will help you build a trust-based relationship. That will position you as an expert. That will resonate with your potential client.

Resonance is one of Alexandra Martel’s favourite words, CEO of the company Les mots pour vendre

Copywriter, trainer and digital marketing consultant, she is addicted to persuasion. And that's precisely why we wanted to talk with her!

We, therefore, spent an afternoon with her discussing the following topics:

  • The worst mistakes of online marketing
  • Why buzzwords are harmful to marketing
  • Selling online courses in B2B vs B2C
  • Writing a sales page that sells for real
  • Why cheap emotions don't sell

We learned a lot, and so should you!

Here are 4 valuable tips from Alexandra Martel that will help you better sell your online course.

Outline of the article

  1. Stop taking people for idiots
  2. Replace buzzwords with the benefits of your course
  3. Speak the right way to the right person
  4. Pick a single ideal client

Reading time: 3 minutes

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1. Stop taking people for idiots

This is quite obvious, right?

One of the things that Alexandra hates the most is when the marketing is deceptive and manipulative.

Do you plan to send a series of messages when someone downloads your free tool? It doesn't have to be a surprise or a secret!

No one likes to receive an email without having given permission. So be honest and announce your intentions early on.

Not only will your customers be more informed, but they will also have the curiosity to know what you are about to send them.

By wanting to be transparent, you will create a hook that will make them want to learn more!

Proof that you don't need to lie or hide your game to improve your results.

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2. Replace buzzwords with the benefits of your course

Buzzwords don’t give you credibility.

They often end up becoming meaningless from being overused!

Quote from Alexandra Martel: "The number one rule in persuasion is clarity. If people don't understand what you do or what you bring them, you won't be able to sell them anything."

What will convince someone to buy your course is your ability to sell the benefits.

What does one gains from following your program? How is it going to have a positive impact on their life?

Don't be afraid to use these benefits and the issues you assess to get attention in your posts.

Intrigued, your potential customers will want to know more and visit your sales page.

If you also choose wisely the platform to promote yourself, your strategy will pay off! 

3. Speak the right way to the right person

You have most likely heard of B2C and B2B. 

In B2C, we sell to the consumer, to an individual who buys our course for pleasure or out of curiosity. In B2C, we want to sell an experience.

Your promotional texts must explain how your course supports a passion or a way of life. You must excite your reader!

Tell them about your passion, share your journey and put forward what you have in common.

In B2B, it won't be quite the same. This time, you sell to two people: the employee who will follow your course and the employer who must make the purchase.

In B2B, we want to sell skills development.

You should instead discuss the benefits of taking this course and its impact on the company’s performance. Remember to highlight the professional goals that the employee could achieve through your program!

The important thing is to convince them both that the return on investment is worth the effort.

Quote from Alexandra Martel: "In fact, a sales page is an A state and a B state: What transformation are you going to bring to people? Where is your client and where do you will you bring her?"

4. Pick a single ideal client

Perhaps your course is aimed at more than one type of person.

Perhaps it serves more than one purpose.

Perhaps even customers with entirely different realities have bought it!

But who do you really want to sell it to?

If you always try to reach out to all potential customers, you only dilute your message. 

On your sales page and in your posts, you should always talk to one person: your ideal customer.

The more you know your ideal client, the easier it will be to understand and identify their pain. To suggest solutions to their problems. To demonstrate empathy.

And empathy is one of the keys to resonance, according to Alexandra Martel!

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To find out where to follow Alexandra, visit her website!

Marie-Hélène Couette

Marie-Hélène Couette is Head of Sales and Marketing at Didacte. She is also very passionate about entrepreneurship and human development. She specializes in content creation for growing companies looking to better support their teams in this great adventure!