Privacy Policy

Table of Contents

  1. Security measures
  2. Cookies
  3. Geographic tracking
  4. Data collection
  5. Use and disclosure of information
  6. Other instances of data collection
  7. Scope
  8. Updating your information
  9. Modifying your information
  10. Support

Last updated on May 27th, 2020

This policy governs the privacy measures Didacte elaborates and enforces in regards to the use of information pertaining to your use of the Website (hereinafter, the “Privacy Policy”). Its main objective and purpose are to keep you informed on topics such as:

  • The kind of personal information we collect from you;
  • How we use your personal information and with whom we are likely to share them;
  • The options you have when it comes to us collecting, using, and distributing information;
  • The security procedures we implement in order to protect the information we collect against theft, misuse, losses and unauthorized alterations.
  • How you can correct outdated or inaccurate information.

Please remember that this Privacy Policy only applies to information Didacte may collect while you are using the Website. It does not come into play whenever information is collected online of offline by another entity – whether or not it is an affiliate of Didacte.

For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, all the words and expressions which begin with a capital letter must be given the meaning ascribed to them in Didacte’s “General Terms of Use”, available through the following link:

Security measures

Because Didacte cares about the confidentiality of its commercial data and the privacy of the personal information provided by users of its Website, it has designed and implemented security measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access to (and disclosures of) such data and information, which can be found at

Although Didacte spares no reasonable efforts in order to protect every piece of personal information you provide, no electronic data transfer through the Internet is 100% secure. Consequently, it proves radically impossible to store electronic data in a way that makes it completely impervious to cyber attacks, and we cannot in any way represent or warrant that your personal information will be perfectly safe at all times.


Not unlike morest web applications, Didacte makes use of cookies, which in fact consist of small text files installed on your computer in order to provide you with a more pleasant, specifically targeted web surfing experience whenever you log into your account. Be aware that if you elect to deactivate cookies by accessing your web browser’s setup menu, some features of the application might no longer function properly – assuming that you are still able to log into your account in the first place.

Geographic tracking

All Instructors allow Didacte to pinpoint their exact geographic location for billing and taxation purposes. By using Didacte, Instructors agree never to provide false or misleading information about their geographic location. Didacte expressly disclaims any form of liability should the dispositions of this section ever be violated.

Data collection

In order to better understand and satisfy the needs of those who use its Platform and Website, Didacte collects data and information likely to identify them personally. At the time an account is created or training programs are purchased, Didacte may collect some or all of the following personal information: first name, last name, country, state, e-mail address – as long as they may help us identify or contact you.

In addition to the information collected by Didacte, other personal information might be required by Instructors at the time accounts are set up by Other Users, such as first name, last name, country, state and e-mail address. In fact, Other Users agree and accept that such information will be collected by Instructors (through the use of the Platform) and subsequently stored by Didacte.

Some platforms may ask for additional information when a user account is created, the exact fields are not listed here.

Use and disclosure of information

Didacte uses information as it creates your account, confirms your identity, provides you with technical support, keeps you informed about new features, improvements, and software upgrades, sends you important notices about your account parameters, and discloses changes made to its General Terms of Use and other policies. We also use such information for statistical and promotional purposes, as well as to improve the services we provide.

Didacte relies on Google Analytics while collecting and using anonymous information which consist of data not likely to identify any specific individual. It also allows the administrators of a Didacte body to link any Google Analytics account of their own choosing.

Didacte may, in addition to Google Analytics, retain the services of other external companies which, in its opinion, are able to provide services such as website hosting and data analysis. In so doing, Didacte may disclose to such service providers certain information likely to identify you personally. You hereby agree to the disclosure and sharing of your personal information in such a context and for such purpose.

Didacte may also disclose some personal information whenever it finds itself bound to do so (i) under the law, (ii) in order to comply with a legal process, the request of a government authority, or its General Terms of Use of the Website, and/or (iii) in view of protecting its own rights, property, assets, or security, its Users, its business partners, or the public in general. In any event, Didacte may transfer, assign, or otherwise disclose your personal information in the course of any merger, consolidation, sale of business and/or assets, or other corporate change, reorganization, or restructuration.

Should you wish that your personal information not be used in either manner described in this Privacy Policy, we recommend that you close your account and refrain from accessing the Website. If you choose to do so, understand that some information likely to identify you personally may still remain within our database, subject to the provisions of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector and of any other laws, rules, or regulations which may find application.

Notice to Instructors

You may only use information you possess about Other Users in order to satisfy statistical or marketing requirements which are directly related to the training you provide. You may neither use such information for any other purpose, nor disclose it to (or share it with) third parties.

In addition to the obligations of privacy imposed upon you by the provisions of the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector, its regulations, and any other law, rules, or regulations which may find application, you must ensure that all personal information about Other Users that Didacte makes available to you through its Website remain private and confidential at all times.

You hereby acknowledge that Didacte may in no circumstances whatsoever be held liable for losses or damages which may directly or indirectly arise from a breach of the confidentiality of information communicated or transmitted in violation of the provisions of this Privacy Policy. You also commit to forthwith inform Didacte of any breach or violation likely to compromise such confidentiality, and to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Didacte in regards to any claims, losses, damages, and/or expenses stemming directly or indirectly from such a communication or transmission.

Other instances of data collection

Whenever you visit the Website, we may collect (and store within log files) certain information not likely to identify you personally, such as a domain name, the identity of the web host through which you access the Internet ( or, for instance), the IP address associated with the computer or device you are using, the type of operating system and web browser you use, the days and times at which you access the Website, the Internet address of the website from which you log on, the website you visit right after you log out of your account, and the number of times you “clicked” while you were connected to the Website. Such data is collected for the purpose of analyzing trends, optimizing the management of the Website, and collecting a wide array of demographic information to be used on a global scale. We may also (i) assess the upgrade level of your web browser in order to display the most recent version of our web pages, and (ii) use data collected about our Users in view of supplying customized content, advertisements, products, and services, of enhancing your surfing experience, and of performing a variety of interval checks.

Didacte’s web pages and electronic communications may contain small images known as “web beacons” (and, albeit less often, as “invisible pixels”), which allow us to collect and track certain pieces of specific information about our Users, such as the type of device requesting a web beacon, the IP address of the computer or device to which a web beacon is transmitted, and the precise moment at which a web beacon is seen. Although some web beacons may remain invisible to a User, most electronic images spotted as part of a web page or an e-mail (including all HTLM content) can act as a web beacon. We might use web beacons to determine how many internauts visit our web pages or to categorize the surfing habits of Users on our Website. We may also insert web beacons within the e-mails we dispatch in order to assess how many messages were actually read and/or elicited some kind of reaction. Last but not least, we rely on web beacons to compile statistics about the use of our Website. In no circumstances, however, will we link information obtained through the use of web beacons to personal data you provided to us while registering and/or creating an account.


Keep in mind that this Privacy Policy is not meant to apply to information you could disclose publicly through an online forum frequented by users of the Website (such as a chat room, an electronic bulletin board system, or another web page of a similar nature). Remember also that each time you go online and disclose pieces of information likely to identify you personally, such information can be collected and used by individuals and entities unknown to you. Hence, Didacte expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect to the actions, omissions, or policies of any third party who may collect information disclosed by Users by means of such online forums or public websites.

Updating your information

You are solely responsible for keeping up-to-date the information you provide at the time your account is created as well as the data you rely on in order to secure payments (if any). Consequently, you shall be solely responsible for any losses, damages, and/or expenses that you, Didacte, or any third party could incur on account of the fact that you provided false, incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate information or data.

Modifying your information

All personal information collected about your use of the Website will be saved and stored on secure data servers controlled by Didacte and housed either within Didacte’s own business offices or installations owned and operated by its service providers.

Any request pertaining to an access to (or a modification of) your personal information must be made in writing and submitted to Didacte’s lead of information management in one of the following three (3) ways:

  • By certified mail (postage prepaid and return receipt requested) sent to the address below:

    839 St-Joseph street East
    Suite 200
    Québec (Québec)

  • By e-mail:; or
  • Directly through the Didacte Platform.

Didacte shall respond to any request for access to (or modification of) personal information within thirty (30) days of its receipt.


Should you experience any problem or wish to obtain additional information, please contact us by e-mail at