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What is an employee training software?

An employee training software (also called enterprise learning management system) is an online system for delivering training content. This type of employee training platform lets companies and employees manage their own training and develop new skills. Its users are companies of all sizes across multiple industry sectors wishing to deliver training courses to the employees of their workforce.

Employee training system - A powerful HR tool for employee development

Online training platforms allow HR teams to manage their employees' overall training and developmental programs by offering a wide range of online course options, educational materials, quizzes, and more to users. Human resources can monitor the training and development of old and new users, track progress and completion: all from an online platform!

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Didacte’s employee training platform

Training offline employees and partners is difficult and often expensive. Hiring an external professional instructor costs money. Travel expenses; Living accommodations; Trainer salary; Those are significant training expenses...

Why not consider Didacte's eLearning tool ?

Increase employee training while keeping cost under control

Reducing Training Cost Without Cuts in Employee Training and Development

There are many training solutions for businesses looking to offer great employee training without significant and recurring training expenses. An online training software offers a simple and efficient solution to increase employee engagement and ease the work of training managers.

We at Didacte believe that replacing traditional training sessions and learning paths by online training courses will increase learner engagement and accelerate employee progress with your business.

Our enterprise LMS budgeting tool lets you calculate what you could save by using Didacte instead of another LMS.

Learning software available everywhere, anytime by everyone

Facilitate employee onboarding and continuous learning with a cloud-based LMS

Let your employees enjoy an enhanced and interactive online training environment using our LMS. It’s easy to use and allows all users to access their courses anytime from anywhere. Even better, training managers can monitor overall employee learning (active users, completion rates of learning programs, etc.) from a central platform.

Simplify your training content management

Didacte’s enterprise LMS offers a centralized way to manage your training material. It eliminates redundant edits and makes updating easier. It also frees you up to focus on other important tasks.

Employee development and user information security are our priorities

With Didacte online employee training software, you can ensure that important employee information is not lost or leaked by reducing the risk of loss from accidental deletion, overwriting, or misplacement.

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Improve productivity with employee training and development

Employee training can help improve your company's retention rate, employer branding, and recruiting efforts. Learning management tools can be used for these purposes.

Didacte’s is more than an employee training system; it’s your strategic partner.

With our expertise, we will guide you through the steps necessary to develop an effective training program for your organization.

Start offering your employees online courses quickly

We also provide personalized support to help you accelerate your LMS implementation, which is free for Didacte Enterprise customers.

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Get Inspired By How Our Clients Are Using A Private Learning Management System To Improve Their Corporate Trainings!

  • Automate your talents’ onboarding

    Mine Canadian Malartic digitized its onboarding process to make it easier to welcome new employees even before their first workday.

  • Manage your team's learning experience

    Setlakwe creates custom learning paths for employees that support their professional development and growth in the business.

  • Document and centralize your internal expertise

    La Ronde centralizes the knowledge of its team on their LMS platform to standardize learning programs and improve customer service.

  • Train the members of your association

    Gymnastics Canada fulfills its commitment to its active learners by providing regular access to new online content.

  • Ensure the compliance of your teams

    Groupe Gilbert offers its learners compliance training programs to update their professional practices within industry standards.

Advantages of our online training platform for employees

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive administrative processes so they're easier to manage.

Save training time with online learning

With web-based courses available online and on-the-go, help staff learn at their own pace from wherever they want.

Create courses that fit your employee training plans

Create courses quickly and easily using intuitive software that lets HR, developers, and educators collaborate.

Professional training at a competitive pricing

You can save costs by bringing training online so it can be used repeatedly without additional fees. Didacte's online training software allows you to offer quality online training programs to many active users, while focusing your resources on your core competencies. We have a pricing plan that can accommodate large and small enterprise's professional development needs.

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Which companies should consider employee training software?

We provide our customers with an eLearning platform for them to use to train their employees effectively. It uses cutting-edge technologies to enable companies to deliver online, comprehensive employee training programs.

Computer-based training for sales teams

A potential use case for an additional LMS would be for sales training. Sales training could involve onboarding and initial employee education, but also may involve creating seminars on product knowledge and customer interactions, as well as leveraging past clients' experiences to improve future client relations. Leverage Didacte's online course management system to improve your sales training.

Online employee training for large businesses

Large companies usually require an extended LMS for tracking large numbers of learners. They may even be able to deploy global online training and knowledge sharing initiatives. Many larger companies even provide extended LMS capabilities to help keep franchisers and channel providers up to date via eLearning solutions.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Small businesses

Smaller companies may think they don't need an LMS because they can get by without one, but why miss out on the many advantages of online training software! Small companies can save time and money using an employee training software.

Smaller companies may think they don't need an LMS because they can get by without one, but why miss out on the many advantages of online training software! Small companies can save time and money using an employee training software.

Corporate training systems are especially helpful for users such as:

  • Corporate training systems are especially helpful for users such as:
  • Training departments;
  • HR departments;
  • Businesses that require strong compliance training;
  • Safety trainings for businesses
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Why offer employee training and development?

Every business should offer employee trainings to develop new skills and maintain productivity

Companies of all sizes across all industry sectors have a lot to benefit from employee training. Many leading companies realize these benefits, which makes employee training and development a core element within their company culture.

Change is a constant across industries. Organizations must train their workers to adapt and innovate to stay competitive. Restaurants must continually update their menu offerings to meet customers' demands. Banks must remain compliant with new regulatory requirements. Retailers must continue to offer products that appeal to modern consumers. Employee development ensures these changes happen smoothly.

Training advantages for employees

  • Employees learn new things and keep up with industry trends;
  • Steady growth and improvements lead to more capable and competent staff members;
  • Employee education and development keep employees motivated and engaged;
  • Increases your overall level of happiness at work.

Employee training advantages for enterprises

  • Programs that teach employees how to use new technology effectively and efficiently keep them engaged and loyal;
  • Employee training reduces turnover;
  • Training reduces operational risks;
  • Employee training software offers advantageous pricing for enterprises of all size;
  • Training employees effectively increases their productivity which leads to increased profitability;
  • Can apply preventive and corrective measures quickly;

What kinds of employee training software are there?

Corporate Learning Management System (LMS)

A corporate learning management system provides organizations - specifically human resources departments - the ability to create courses for their staff members and customers. This online training software gives them the ability to track progress, organize content, and manage employee/customer instruction while offering a personalized learning path.

Digital Adoption Platforms

A digital adoption platform allows companies to create tutorials, onboard flow, knowledge bases, and walkthroughs directly inside of their apps. These help new hires get up and running quickly, and they continuously improve employee skills by providing contextual and just-in-time learning opportunities.

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management systems (KMS) are websites where employees can look up answers to their questions. They help decrease HR questions and employee inquiries.

Why choose a cloud-based employee training software?

With a SaaS-based LMS, you get access to an online platform from anywhere at any time. You don't need to worry about hardware or software maintenance. And if there is a problem with the system, you simply contact the service provider, and they fix it. Employee training software providers such as Didacte offer a turnkey training service to businesses by taking care of system management, technical support and upgrades for their users.

The client LMS (Learning Management System) can be accessed from anywhere just by entering a username and a corresponding passcode: the perfect training system for a good UX!

What other types of learning management systems exist?

LMSs come in several forms, each offering different benefits for learners:

  • Cloud-based LMS;
  • Self-hosted LMS;
  • Desktop application;
  • Mobile learning application.

A self hosted employee training system

With an online LMS, you don't need to install any software on your own computer. Instead, you simply log into the online LMS from anywhere in the world. You're also able to access your courses at any time from any device. However, with an online LMS, the service provider takes care of everything related to the system. They handle the maintenance, system updates, and upgrade to the eLearning platforms.

Desktop LMS

A desktop LMS (Learning Management System) is installed directly on the user's desktop, but the app may be accessed from multiple devices.

Employee training through a mobile application

With mobile friendly Learning Management Systems (LMS), learners can access training anywhere and anytime via mobile devices. This makes them able to engage with and track course content from any location, at any time.

What are features to look for in an employee training software?

Here are some characteristics all businesses should look for in employee training platforms.

  • Assessment - A system for assessing and evaluating employees' knowledge and progress during their training;
  • Accessibility - A training system should be easy to access by anyone, regardless of their device type;
  • Personalization - Good employee training management software gives flexibility to businesses: customized training paths, tailored eLearning courses, and other features that focus on the individual learners and users;
  • Reporting - Statistical and analytical reporting covering individual performance, team performances, and the duration of each course;
  • Scalability - The employee training system must grow with the business, providing the features and services needed at scale;
  • Brand integration - The LMS must have features that let you integrate your company’s branding into the dashboard and change its colours to match your company’s style;

Developing the skills of your employees is not an expense; it's an investment. Try Didacte's enterprise LMS for free!

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