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What is a learning management system?

A learning management system, or LMS for short, is a software application that provides an adequate environment which handles all aspects of the learning process. This is where you host, deliver, and track your training content. Learning management systems also use other names such as training management system, or learning activity management system and even learning experience platform.

The role and features of an LMS software depend on the organization’s goals as well as users, online training strategies, but also the results they want to see. Basically, assets such as videos, documents, or presentations, as well as quizzes and assessments are uploaded to the LMS software. This allows them to be accessed remotely by users.

In addition to delivering content, an LMS can handle various tasks such as employee onboarding, compliance and skills gap analysis.

LMS for non-profits helps you create, schedule, and manage online content aimed at training donors, staff, as well as community members and volunteers. An LMS for nonprofits helps you automate the training process, allowing donors, staff, community members and volunteers to learn on their own time, with any device and from anywhere they want.

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Features of our LMS systems for nonprofits

Synchronous and asynchronous learning and training courses

Classroom sessions, pre-recorded lessons, virtual classes or hybrid courses: our LMS for non-profits has different eLearning options and features to better answer your training needs.

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Learning management

Track the progress of your nonprofit volunteers and members directly in the LMS to customize and improve your learning solution and offer learning paths that meet the training needs and specialized skill of your members.

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Enrollment management

Keep complete control over access to your online training platform, such as manual enrollment and registration restrictions, to protect your content library.

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Certification and accreditation

Encourage your volunteers and staff in their online learning journey by tracking and rewarding their progress directly on Didacte’s eLearning platform and all-in-one LMS.

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Didacte’s LMS systems for nonprofits

Nonprofits face unique challenges, especially regarding volunteer training. As an example, for-profit companies (whether small businesses or large corporations) can require employees to train on and learn anything they see fit, whether it be standard compliance or skills that are considered essential in making further profit for the company.

Nonprofits, on the other hand, must request that non-employees (like volunteers, donors or community members) train to adequately serve in their roles and properly represent the brand. These volunteers are far from being a homogeneous group. They each come from all walks of life and demographic categories. They have vastly different proficiencies with technology, have irregular free hours, and more.

Those are significant training hurdles...Fortunately, Didacte's eLearning tool can help you.

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How can Didacte’s eLearning platform help your nonprofit overcome the learning obstacles?

Geographically separated learners

It's not a secret to say that members of a nonprofit are rarely in the same location. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to coordinate training or learning with traditional methods. Hopefully, a learning management system for nonprofits fixes this problem. Didacte’s cloud-based learning management system can reach a wide range of volunteers, staff or any other members everywhere, at any time for an affordable price with key-features available to everyone.

Customized and compliant training

It is never too early for a nonprofit to standardize training. Traditional employee training is often not the best at providing a coherent, standard onboarding or development training because it is using various trainers and sometimes widely different learning methods. Using Didacte's scalable LMS software, nonprofits can guarantee that training key features, such as compliance training, are provided following specific requirements.

You can also customize the experience and learning material, so you can deliver personalized learning that is specific and unique to your nonprofit organization, your mission and your goals without having to rely only on general or generic pieces of information. This is the power of LMS systems for nonprofits: You choose what your staff and members have to learn to serve the mission the best they can.

Lack of in-house IT and training staff

Most nonprofits don't have an extended budget when it comes to large training teams. They sometimes don't even have a single dedicated training resource. Moreover, in-house IT employees can be few and far between as well. This is where an automated online solution can come into play. An LMS for nonprofits can help you tremendously, especially when your nonprofit lacks dedicated human resources to apply to training creation and delivery. It also has to be a cloud-based platform so that little or no IT implementation is required.

Limited training budget

Workshops are not only challenging to put in place; they are among the least efficient training solutions. Most of the time, a significant portion of the cost of such a training goes towards expenses not directly linked with training outcomes such as printing the training materials, renting the training room, traveling, travel time spent unproductively and so on.

This is when a learning management system for non-profit organizations can make a significant difference. If you are careful to select a learning portal or online platform with no set-up fees, individual dashboards, and an active-user subscription-based model, then you can drastically cut your training expenses while increasing your learning outcomes.

With an online learning management system (LMS), you can teach your staff and members about your mission and your goal, or what they are expected to do and provide learners with good feedback. A training session on company policy will help prevent tension since everyone knows what is acceptable in your office, and what isn't.

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Didacte’s is more than an employee training system; it’s your online learning partner.

With our expertise, we will guide you through the necessary steps to develop an effective and efficient training program for not-for-profit (NFPs) nonprofit organizations.

Start offering your staff online courses quickly

We also provide personalized support to help you accelerate your LMS implementation, which is free for Didacte customers.

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Advantages of our online training platform for employees

Automate repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive administrative processes, so they're easier to manage.

Save training time with online learning

With web-based and online courses available on-the-go, help staff learn at their own pace wherever they are.

Create courses that fit your staff and volunteers training plans

Quickly and easily create courses tailored to your needs using intuitive software that lets HR, developers, and educators collaborate.

Professional training at a competitive pricing

You can save a lot of money and cut costs by switching to online training or connected learning, so it can be used repeatedly, on any device and without additional fees. Didacte's cloud-based continuous learning platform allows you to offer quality online training programs to many active users, while focusing your resources on your core skills. We have a pricing plan that can accommodate large and small nonprofit organizations' needs.

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Learn more about LMS for nonprofits

Do nonprofits really need a Learning Management System?

LMSs aren't just for big companies; they're for any organization that aims to grow

Should you invest in a cloud-based learning management solution when your organization would only have 50 users? Granted, a small nonprofit organization may not need a large-scale LMS with a wide range of features and a big price tag. But what if you could get the features your nonprofit needs without spending so much?

LMS for nonprofits adapt to the reality of nonprofit organizations by offering an affordable and scalable learning platform solution for a small number of users. By working with Didacte’s powerful cloud-based learning management system, you have the e-learning content and features you need to grow your organization and the option to scale up your LMS with your mission.

The right LMS solution does not require technical expertise

A common misunderstanding about Learning Management Systems (LMS) is that they are difficult platforms that require advanced (or more than average) technological know-how. A nonprofit looking for an LMS might be outside their area of expertise or lacking the resources required to develop a solution in-house.

This is why Didacte is the best solution for you. We offer a SaaS solution for non-profit organizations looking to improve the quality of their employee training fast and efficiently. The SaaS business-model lets you benefit from a high-end e-learning platform without having to install, update and maintain expensive hardware and software. This is all done on our side and is completely transparent for your organization.

A training platform for businesses can be affordable

It makes sense that if you've already thought that Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed for bigger and larger companies, then they have to be expensive. This is not entirely true, as LMS for nonprofits are both flexible and scalable according to your user base!

Didacte’s learning management system for nonprofits grants you the functionalities you need right away, and the possibility to scale up as your organization grows. With a pay-per-user approach, more modest nonprofits will only pay for what they need, allowing them to focus their resources on other important tasks.

Why offer employee training and development?

Every nonprofit should offer employee trainings to develop new skills and maintain productivity

Nonprofits of all sizes have a lot to benefit from employee training, whatever their mission and end goals are. Many leading nonprofits are aware of these benefits, which makes employee training and development a core element within their organization culture.

Training advantages for nonprofits' employees

  • Employees learn new things and keep up with industry trends;
  • Steady growth and improvements lead to more capable and competent staff members;
  • Employee education and development keep employees motivated and engaged;
  • Increases your overall level of happiness at work.

Employee training advantages for nonprofits

  • Programs that teach employees how to use new technology effectively and efficiently keep them engaged and loyal
  • Employee training reduces turnover
  • Training reduces operational risks
  • Employee training software and tools offer advantageous pricing for enterprises of all size
  • Training employees effectively increases their productivity, which leads to increased efficiency
  • Can apply preventive and corrective measures quickly

What features to look for in a nonprofit LMS?

  1. Non-profits should stay away from the classic classroom training approach to reduce their training costs. Most nonprofit organizations that successfully implemented a learning management system chose and loves Didacte's Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. The online training content can be accessed through any web browser, allowing staff to complete learning courses on-the-go at any time as well as on any device.
  2. User experience is essential for your staff and members to engage in training, whether corporate training or social training. This is the reason why any learning management software must have a simple and intuitive interface. The user experience has to be the priority. It also has to have leverage features such as interactive videos, video conferences, as well as many more to create an engaging learning experience.
  3. Nonprofit organization often struggle with costs, which is the reason why they look for an affordable Learning Management System (LMS) that offers key features, at a reasonable price point and for a small number of users. Mobile learning is often the perfect and preferred solution, whether in virtual classrooms or using asynchronous online training features.
  4. Nonprofit LMS should also offer a basic course builder feature in their training management platform, in addition to allowing custom courses, so they're tailored to your specific needs. It should be easy enough for anyone in a nonprofit with limited resources to create and design simple learning modules or implement pre-existing learning modules.
  5. Reporting and analytics tools will allow nonprofits to easily spot employees who are over performing and/or under performing, giving them insight into the courses that need to be changed, modified or even removed.
  6. An LMS for nonprofit organizations should allow trainers to offer various learning tools and features, such as videos, quizzes and interactive content, to active users. Didacte's LMS solution effectively supports multiple forms of media and can provide a variety of tools and many resources to help users learn more effectively.

Why is Dictate LMS the best LMS for nonprofits?

Volunteer Training

An LMS is basically a software application that allows you to manage all aspects of staff and volunteer learning, such as online training courses, eLearning modules, quizzes, certificates, badges, and other primary features. It often allows for better user engagement and social learning through the online courses.

Employee training and development programs are critically beneficial to nonprofits looking to grow. By allowing staff and volunteers to tackle new roles, duties and tasks, you can ensure that they remain highly motivated and engaged.

By keeping the learner engagement and employee engagement high, you encourage them to learn more about themselves and their capabilities and skills. In the long run, this will mean that your organization will retain experienced staffers and volunteers, who will eventually move into leadership positions. This is how you can promote leadership development. These features also benefit those who are already in senior roles by helping them to develop their expertise further.

Compliance management training and onboarding

Compliance standards education is vital in the fast-moving, modern organization. Most nonprofit organizations expect their staff and volunteers to be able to quickly adapt to their working environment. But, the organization, its goals and missions, as well as its donors are constantly evolving.

With an LMS, you give staff and volunteers the power to learn with an engaging learning experience. You encourage them to take advantage of online training resources. A good way to get staff engaged in their tasks is to provide them with structured programs for personal development. These programs will help your staff learn new specialized skills and develop themselves professionally. By doing so, users will feel confident enough to ask questions, share new and relevant ideas, as well as engage in discussions related to the organization's goals and objectives.

Developing the skills of your employees is not an expense; it's an investment. Try Didacte's enterprise LMS for free!

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