Building for the future, one SMB at a time.

At Didacte, we believe that knowledge sharing is a strategic lever for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Why? Because training contributes to the continuous improvement of organizations, but can also become a new source of additional income.


How do we participate?

We are developing an efficient and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS), both for those who want to train their talents of tomorrow and those who want to make their knowledge profitable.

We consider our clients as partners to whom we are committed to providing the necessary tools to ensure the success of their project.


What do we want to accomplish?

We aim to be the most popular learning management platform, first in the French-speaking countries, then in the entire world!

We want Didacte to be THE reference in the online training industry.

Training is serious. But we are not.

For us, Didacte is much more than a job. It is above all a group of friends who enjoy working, laughing and spending time together.

The diversity of interests and strengths of each makes us a versatile team, always up to date with the latest technologies and new trends.

  • President
    Mathieu Dumont
  • Product Manager and developer
    Léo Renaud-Allaire
  • Lead Developer
    Louis-Michel Couture
  • Web Designer
    Jules Coupal-Lafleur
  • Front-end Developer
    Louis-Philippe Cloutier
  • Front-end Developer
    Florence Brunelle
  • Back-end Developer
    Jean-Philippe Doyle
  • Back-end Developer
    Guillaume Loubier
  • Back-end Developer
    Guillaume-Olivier Duchesne

Not afraid to expose ourselves.

Evolving as a business also means trying new ways of doing things. Didacte is daring, and this is as true in our approach as in our internal practices.

We are constantly looking to improve our processes, and we are not afraid to publicly share our good and bad moves.

How do we expose ourselves?

  • By creating blog posts with team members.
  • By participating in interviews, podcasts or events to talk about entrepreneurship.
  • By documenting our projects and sharing the results on our Resources platform.
Besides, we have documented the redesign process for our organizational culture; click here to find out more!

Why do we expose ourselves?

Because we genuinely believe that knowledge sharing is a strategic springboard in the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Discover behind the scenes of Didacte!