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Vie-va Formations

Didacte Pro | Health and Well-Being
Julie Nadon
"I'd like to thank Mathieu and all of Didacte's team for your efficiency and professionalism. On our side, we have launched something...

Charlotte et Charlie

Didacte Enterprise | Retail
Giselle Wagner
"We needed a powerful tool to support our new employees during their training process, upon their arrival in the company. Didacte...


Didacte Enterprise | Retail
Caroline May Girard
"Didacte offers an amazing platform that allows us to manage significant amounts of information. The tool allows us to host,...

Unique Coaching

Didacte Pro | Professionnal Development
Geneviève Dicaire
“My experience on Didacte thus far is nothing short of amazing. They have proven to be helpful, quick to respond and very accessible....

Betti - Réseaux sociaux et Rédaction

Didacte Standard | Professionnal Development
Catherine Cormier
"It was love at first sight with the Didacte team! They are always available, funny, brilliant and also super comprehensive. They know...

Insurance institute of Quebec

Didacte Enterprise | Wealth Management and Insurances
Julie Saucier
"What we were looking for was a flexible and easy-to-use tool to meet the growing demand of our customers. Didacte makes us autonomous...

GO Coaching

Didacte Basic | Professionnal Development
Guylaine Otis
"The launch of my Cervelle d'ado :) online training turned out to be much easier than expected. With the Didacte platform and its...

Savoir Mieux-Être

Didacte Standard | Health and Well-Being
Isabelle Wolfe
"My experience with Didacte is more than positive! Didacte is an exceptional platform to rapidly launch high quality interactive...