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Testimonial of Biologists Association of Quebec (ABQ)

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"Didacte is a great professional showcase!

Didacte makes it easy to put your training online and delivers a top quality and beautifully laid result.

We chose Didacte for its ease of use, at it is the case for our member management platform, website and Yapla newsletters.

The platform is very pleasant to use and our training members truly enjoy it too!"

Chantal d'Auteuil
Executive Director
Chantal d'Auteuil


The mission of the Biologists Association of Quebec (ABQ) is to support its more than 900 members in the practice of their profession with citizens and organizations to promote the protection of the public's interests on biological issues.

Their online training platform facilitates the sharing of courses on the various aspects of the biologist's profession, so that its members can acquire essential pedagogical notions, assimilate specific principles of biology or plan and carry out various inventories.

610+ users
15+ courses
690+ enrollments