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Testimonial of Bus Bus Bus

Didacte Enterprise | Services for individuals

"Didacte Enterprise was the solution to our problems. And we have really great results!

It has thoroughly changed the way we work and has eliminated a lot of wasted time. It's so fast to learn how to use it and we can easily follow the progress of our candidates!

The fact that it's a product made in Québec was important, and now we're helping candidates from all over the world on our platform."

Denis St-Jean
Training Manager
Denis St-Jean


Bus Bus is a school, charter and complementary transportation company that operates in more than 30 branches. With over 1,000 employees and a fleet of 1,500 buses, consistency in staff training is a major concern of the company.

To simplify their recruitment and onboarding process, they have created online learning paths that facilitate the integration of new employees, even remotely! Candidates and recruits are therefore invited to train on the platform before they start their job, which ensures better quality control for recruiters.

320+ users
35+ courses
1015+ enrollments