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Testimonial of Charcutech

Didacte Enterprise | Professionnal Development

"From the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, we lost a good chunk of our turnover. We have then made the decision to offer online training. The Didacte team was very supportive and helped us take action faster!

The platform is very easy to administrate and, once you understand the basics, you are completely autonomous. Employees at Didacte know their product and respond quickly to all questions. They also offer a lot of stuff as well as online courses we can enroll in on their resource platform. Doing business with Didacte means joining a dynamic team in our company.I highly recommend Didacte, it is a state-of-art online training company!"

Lise Losier
Lise Losier


Charchutech fully manages the Didacte training platform for its client BSA. The direction of BSA wanted to offer full training to its sales team and support staff technique in order to equip them to better meet customer needs.

The platform allows offering distance courses that the BSA team can follow at their own pace and by various technological means: computer, tablet, smartphone. At the end of each module, representatives receive a certificate of achievement automatically generated by the platform. 

25+ users
10+ courses
105+ enrollments