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Testimonial of Charlotte et Charlie

Didacte Enterprise | Retail

"We needed a powerful tool to support our new employees during their training process, upon their arrival in the company. Didacte turned out to be the ideal application: user-friendly and adapted to the learning reality of our consultants.

Offering technical and advanced consulting services, the quality of our team's learning is crucial to the smooth running of the company. Time is precious, Didacte helps us maintain an impeccable quality of training, from the onboarding to the professional development, while saving time for our key staff.

The interface is intuitive and flexible for both trainers and users. Didacte adapts quickly to our needs which constantly change as the company grows!"

Giselle Wagner
General Manager
Giselle Wagner


Charlotte and Charlie is a retail business specialized in the sale of accessories, toys, furniture and clothing for babies and young children from 0 to 5 years old. The company currently runs 2 stores, and has a full-fledged e-commerce branch.

With a selection of premium products, personalized customer service and a unique shopping experience, Charlotte & Charlie evokes a true state of mind, a way of approaching life with style, elegance and simplicity.

60+ users
25+ courses
375+ enrollments