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Testimonial of Credo Impact

Didacte Pro | Professionnal Development

"Being used to several solutions in the LMS category, Didacte was a discovery for me at the beginning of the pandemic! I quickly came to appreciate Didacte's focus on core features. 

I adopted it rapidly, and it became a pillar of my digital transformation strategy. Since then, Didacte's human team has impressed me with its professionalism, transparency, responsiveness and attentiveness to customer suggestions. 

It's nice to have quality local solutions that allow us to affirm our commitment to serve our customers. I look forward to the next steps we will take together in Didacte's evolution."

Ghani Kolli
Partner, Strategy & Impact, Business Innovation
Ghani Kolli


Credo Impact specializes in social and environmental impact strategy for private, public and social organizations that want to act boldly and effectively on important issues.

Their online training programs are distributed as a complement to their consulting and coaching services, which aim to support organizations in their participatory processes.

990+ users
25+ courses
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