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Testimonial of GESFOR Group

Didacte Enterprise | Services for individuals

"SO easy to implement and use!

Implementation within the company was a no-brainer and creating the trainings is so simple, it's a delight. The visuals are very well done - super user-friendly and the team is responsive when you have questions.

And we particularly like the features and the ease of use of the software. In addition, it is regularly updated and improved according to customers' needs, which shows the company's agility.

Didacte is a major contributor to our employee onboarding program."

Christine Couture
Process and Quality Manager
Christine Couture


Operating in 7 branches across Quebec, Le Groupe Gesfor, Poirier, Pinchin inc. is a consulting engineering firm that offers highly specialized services in industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, environment and building sciences. 

To help their clients manage risks and ensure a safe and healthy environment, their team must have quick access to the right information at all times! To train their teams uniformly, they have created unique learning paths for different roles in the company.

340+ users
35+ courses
2590+ enrollments