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Testimonial of Insurance institute of Quebec

Didacte Enterprise | Wealth Management and Insurances

"What we were looking for was a flexible and easy-to-use tool to meet the growing demand of our customers. Didacte makes us autonomous at all levels in regard to our online courses, while being constantly available to support us with new demands. 

It was by talking with the team that we realized that we did not fully know of our needs. Didacte helped us define them, and plan our actions accordingly. They bring a lot of value to the Institute. We have since developed a new market and Didacte will allow us to grow it for many years to come."

Julie Saucier
General Manager
Julie Saucier


The Insurance Institute supports the professional development of thousands of insurance experts every year. 

By adding online courses and continuous training to their traditional learning program, not only did they generate a new revenue stream but they now act as a long-term partner in the career and evolution of each of their members.

7190+ users
170+ courses
88375+ enrollments