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Testimonial of La Ronde - Six Flags

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"The experience was very positive and we feel that we have not yet harnessed the full potential of the platform.

Not only has this changed our way of doing things, but I'm sure it has helped us retain our new employees since right after their hiring they were enrolled in the training.Instead of waiting for face-to-face training that would have taken place several days or weeks later, they were already enrolled and felt like they were part of the team faster!"

Marie-Lou Faucher-Bruyère
Directrice - Ressources humaines
Marie-Lou Faucher-Bruyère


La Ronde - Six Flags offers its many employees access to continuous training, anywhere and anytime, thanks to its online platform.

It is a strategic tool in the seasonal business context of an outdoor amusement park. This allows them to facilitate the onboarding process of new recruits and to ensure compliance and quality of service, year-round.

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