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Testimonial of NitroMedia

Didacte Standard | Technologies

"Best app to create your course: Simple and good value!

It's really easy to set up your course, and it was quick to create my own. There's a range of options (quizzes, files, videos, images etc.). Also very easy to modify or switch modules. I like that there's a free option (you only pay a fee when you sell a course) so it's a no-brainer.

It's a lowcost solution to propose my courses to the public. Plus I didn't want to pay super high fees for a course that I didn't know if I was able to sell to people so 0 financial risk."

Maude Lavoie
Shopify Expert & Digital Consultant
Maude Lavoie


Nitromedia accompanies more than 60 companies across Quebec in their digital and human transformation, in helping them put their customers at the heart of their strategies and optimize their Shopify store.

Nitromedia's team uses Didacte to empower their clients and help them stand on their own two feet: Analysis, action plan or online resources; their course platform complements their coaching offer for certain clients and creates lead acquisition opportunities.

1645+ users
2+ courses
1460+ enrollments