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Testimonial of Synertek

Didacte Enterprise | Industrial

"Perfect for onboarding!

User-friendly while offering many useful features (and cost-effective!).

The software allows us to both automate AND standardize our onboarding: huge time-saving and a far better quality in our new employee training process.

Also, we're in the process of deploying the software for all our other training needs."

Léa Cullen-Robitaille
Human Resources and Communication
Léa Cullen-Robitaille


Expert in fine metal alloys, the Synertek team specializes in sheet metal transformation. To meet the highest manufacturing standards, they invest in employee development courses to improve their technological and organizational skills.

Their corporate training platform accelerates, standardizes and structures the process of onboarding and integrating new employees, in addition to providing professional development and health and security sessions for existing staff. 

80+ users
105+ courses
190+ enrollments