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Testimonial of Unique Coaching

Didacte Pro | Professionnal Development

"My experience on Didacte thus far is nothing short of amazing. They have proven to be helpful, quick to respond and very accessible. We can feel how serious they are about helping others and all the work they put in to make sure creating courses is as easy as can be.

I use online training as part of a leadership program that mixes in-person and online training. They took the time to understand what I was about to do, they provided training, help and support.

I have now over 10 online courses on the platform and more to come!"

Geneviève Dicaire
Geneviève Dicaire


Geneviève Dicaire is a professional coach, speaker and author of the book" Le Leader Agile ".

Recognized as an Agile Management Expert, Unique Coaching provides training to improve managerial skills and leadership in growing organizations. By combining online training with personalized in-person interventions, Geneviève is maximizing her time while providing a flexible learning experience.

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