Online Course Detailed Structure

Gain clarity and structure in a logical sequence your content ideas by documenting your next course plan.
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Free template to plan your content creation

Simplify and accelerate the implementation of your project by clarifying your ideas and needs. Our template provides you with a logical structure of progression that will help you begin creating a new course on the right foot!

With this detailed structure, optimize the architecture of the modules and lessons of your next course and determine the workload required to create the content.

You'll feel more motivated and confident in creating your course because you'll have confirmed that you're doing the right things, in the right order, in the right way.

How to structure an online course?

Online training is generally structured in 4 levels: the lesson, the module, the course and the learning path. In our template, we help you build a course, composed of lessons and modules.

  • A lesson is a piece of content (text, video, PDF) or a learning activity (quiz, virtual class, webinar).
  • A module allows you to nest lessons under the same theme to break down the learning of your participants.
  • A course can therefore contain as many modules and lessons as you want!

However, we suggest that you choose a specific topic to avoid endless learning sessions and to give your students the impression of having accomplished something.

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