Guide to Digitizing your Employee Onboarding

Centralize, optimize and standardize your onboarding processes to improve your new employee experience.
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Ready-to-use templates for implementing your integration process

Discover our 4-step approach to maximizing your use of technology while maintaining the humanity of your integration process.

For each step, you will find templates and practical tools to digitize your onboarding!

Because a good onboarding process will allow you to increase the retention of your new employees, but also their level of trust, mobilization and belonging to the company.

A project that benefits both human resources and operations

Technology can improve the quality of the onboarding and integration you will provide to your new talent, but it also brings several benefits to the organization: 

  • Standardize standards and operations: to ensure a stable and consistent quality of work, a company needs to ensure that employees perform their tasks evenly.
  • Centralize information in one place: to allow your employees to be more responsible and autonomous, make it easier for them to access the resources they need to improve.
  • Increase organizational efficiency: by breaking the dependency on your managers and veterans, you allow them to use their time to add value to the organization.
  • Accelerate return on investment: accelerate the development of your new hires by letting them be functional and autonomous more quickly.

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