Express Skills Gap Analysis

Address the most challenging issues in your business by leveraging your team's existing knowledge!
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With this bottom-up approach, you will be able to more easily identify the friction points that are hindering your team's performance and prioritize the most important skill to develop for each employee or department.

How can the skills gap analysis help me and my business?

Identifying a skills gap allows a manager to target training or direct future hires to supplement the skills of the team. Skill gap analysis also helps to:

  • Increase organizational performance: by knowing the cause of key performance issues, you can make better decisions to adjust the focus.
  • Prioritize courses: by acknowledging who needs to develop key skills quickly, you can assess requests and prioritize the most urgent ones.
  • Improve team efficiency: by identifying the weakest organizational processes, you have the chance to review internal procedures and organize training sessions for the affected team.
  • Use the course budget more effectively: by determining the most important gaps to eliminate, you can estimate costs and present a budget request that supports your strategic development plan.

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