Guide to create Lunch & Learn sessions

Encourage teamwork and team-sharing in your organization by using the right tools to make your sessions interesting and effective!
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Our guide to implement a Lunch & Learn session will help you get to know more about your employees' interests and strengths. By using this template in your one-on-one meetings, you will encourage knowledge sharing and thus be able to develop team building activities with your staff!

Why should I set up a Lunch & Learn?

Lunch & Learn is the ultimate way to bring your team together and share knowledge, ideas and tips among colleagues!

  • They provide a friendly and collaborative alternative to traditional training by promoting a culture of learning and knowledge sharing.
  • You inspire all parties within your organization to work as a team, collaborate with each other and contribute in their own way.
  • Lunch & Learn can serve as a healthier, less intimidating environment for your employees to develop greater confidence in their presentation and speaking skills.
  • Your employees will feel more fulfilled by sharing and learning about each other's tasks and responsibilities, which can be an asset to their professional development within your company!

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