LMS Buyer's Guide for Choosing the Best Learning Management System

Find our full recommendations for selecting the Learning Management System (LMS) that best suits your organizational needs
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This guide aims to help you identify your company's LMS needs. We hope it will help you select the appropriate platform to meet your unique learning objectives. The guide includes:

  • The 4 critical questions to ask
  • An LMS Needs Analysis form to complete
  • Top 5 factors to consider when choosing your LMS
  • Our recommendations: the 5 best LMSs on the market

At the end of your reading, you will be able to make an informed decision in choosing the best learning management system for your company.

Why use an LMS in your business

Learning management systems have become essential for companies that need to manage their onboarding and corporate training programs and wish to:

  • Provide learning flexibility for employees, who can develop their skills at their own pace and as prioritized
  • Increase team engagement through flexible learning methods
  • Improve employee loyalty and retention by providing professional development opportunities
  • And much more!

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