Video Templates to Create an Engaging Onboarding Program

Accelerate and simplify your onboarding content creation by filming dynamic videos that require little effort and few resources!
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Our handy templates will help you build a structured onboarding program, provide you with valuable templates to use right away and more! Download now and get the following 5 video templates:

  • Word from the CEO - To provide new employees with a warm welcome from the CEO
  • Products & Services - To properly showcase your products and services to new recruits 
  • Systems & Tools - To introduce the different systems and tools they can expect to use on a daily basis
  • Office & Culture - To help new hires connect with the company's culture and values
  • Safety & Emergencies - To educate them on safety protocols and emergency procedures

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Tired of spending countless hours and resources creating a dull onboarding program?

Fill in the form right above and grab your 5 video templates to make your own engaging and dynamic onboarding videos. You'll learn how to:

  • Make them feel like part of the company from the start
  • Help them understand your company and its offerings
  • Ensure they feel comfortable, confident and efficient in their role
  • Give them a sense of belonging and shared purpose with their colleagues
  • Let them know they're safe in the workplace

So what are you waiting for? Grab your templates today and start building the perfect onboarding program!

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