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Your business reputation and loyalty are the results of the exceptional service provided by one of your customer success agents.

Each of your customer success agents acts as an ambassador to your business. More often than not, they are the first and only point of contact between your client and the company. It’s crucial to equip them with the tools necessary to proudly represent your business, regardless of the situation. Providing them with the key to knowledge, access to resources and training material, they can perfect all of their skills.

Whether it’s the art of negotiation or conflict resolution, train your customer success team to be robus and ready to face any impromptu situation with integrity. Besides, they are like your internal task force; let them take charge of customer satisfaction and loyalty with pride.

Always up to date

Easy to use; give your employees the opportunity to train between two calls. Bring value to those quiet periods by suggesting various training materials to your resources so that they can enhance their communication and negotiation skills.

Harmonized practices

Regardless of your location, it’s crucial to ensure that training, protocol integration, and resource exploitation, is always standardized. Make sure that the quality of your services is on point from end to end, from one service point to another.


Didacte allows you to simplify logistics and access to training or classes, at all times, regardless of the work shift involved. Keep your team’s competency standardization top-of-mind with quality service made available 24/7.

Adapted to your internal structure

Didacte allows you to focus on select user groups when it comes to training. Quickly train various divisions within your business via specific courses and inform your departments of promotions to come.

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